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Beginner Guide: How to Write Aquality Essay

Essay is a piece of writing that needs focus and discipline. In an essay writing process, you develop your arguments providing evidence, analysis and your own interpretation.

Students are asked to write different types of essays in college. The most common types include argumentative, narrative, literary, comparative and persuasive essays. The students must know each type and their format. The length and the content of each type depends on your level, the subject, and what the course requires. Usually most college essays are argumentative, where students have to persuade the readers about their perspective on a topic.

The whole process of essay writing can be divided into three main categories:

  • Preparation- Choose the topic, do extensive research, brainstorming of the ideas, and create an outline.
  • Writing- Write a thesis statement that embodies your particular vision in the introduction, provide evidence to build the arguments in the body, and reinstate your perspective in the conclusion.
  • Proofreading- Reread the content, check for the mistakes and edit or format your essay.

In this article, you will be learning about what to write and include in the introduction, body and conclusion of your essay.

Writing the introduction

When you are writing the introduction, you are setting the tone for your essay. The tone is a paramount feature that captures the reader’s interest and informs them about the content of the essay.

The first sentence of the introduction should hook the readers. The hook can be a quote, an interesting fact, an emphasizing statement or an intriguing question.

The next thing in your introduction is to provide some background about your essay topic. Don’t go into extra detail just an overview will suffice.

Then, present your thesis statement, that provides the readers about your perspective and your take on any issue or the topic you are to make.End your introduction by giving a preview of the whole essay

Writing the main body

The body of the essay is the most complex part where you are going to build your arguments to support your thesis with your supporting statements, evidence and persuade the readers to conform with your ideas.

Now, the length of the body depends on the type of essay. But on average, the body makes 60-80% of the whole essay.

The paragraphs must be organised and coherent with other parts of the essay. Each paragraph begins with a topic sentence. The topic sentence must be connected to the previous paragraph or with the main idea. Then, provide evidence to build your arguments such as, data, quotes from other sources etc.

The students can also get help from online paper writing services. These are reliable resources that can assist them in their paper and essay writing assignments.

Writing the conclusion

The final part of an essay is the conclusion. A conclusion should make an impact on the reader, it should be strong and must include:

  • Reinstate your thesis
  • Coherence of all the main points
  • The importance of your argument

A conclusion must leave a strong impression on the reader so it must be written with care and focus.























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