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Your source of news


 There is a lot to take in, in this busy world of ours, and sometimes it is possible to get lost in all the new information. Is it relevant? Is it trustworthy? This humble writer advises critical thinking when choosing your source of news on the web, as there are many productive, insightful ways to pass the time with, yet only few speak of the, relative, truth. Broaden your horizon and gain some perspective with experience from the real world, then make an educated decision and invest your time in a platform worth your attention. It may be closer than you think, and perhaps in this search, you may take a break and visit Sinfull, to aid you on some of those intimate nights where the search goes on for too long.

Keeping informed

Watercooler banter is the latest rage in this modern society. The delight of finding common ground, the thrill of debate, the exchange of information- it’s all very appealing, for we are social creatures and we care for the comings and goings of this world. To stand proud among one’s peers and voice one’s opinion is a privilege that often is taken for granted though, it is a freedom we share in today’s world that we often overlook the gravity of, which is why, when we do chatter, that it does one well to be informed about one’s opinions. But where does one go about finding the right place to become more informed?

Browsing the web

Decisions, decisions. Perusing the world wide web sure can take you down many paths, in the search for knowledge and wisdom. From places with recipes for kidney pies, to videos on how to change the oil in your car. But among all this, one would think that the best place would be a platform that provides the latest updates on national and international issues, a media outlet that takes pride in their accuracy on hot topics, with biting journalism that digs to the very core of the subject, exposing it for all to see. It can be found, one just have to be tenacious.

The truth and you

The truth, or what you perceive as the truth, can be a heavy burden. But as such a heavy burden it is, it is also our right as citizens of the world to know what’s going on in it. It is our responsibility to know, because ignorance is the enemy of truth, and we must endeavor to be on the front of this planet’s current topics, if we are to fight ignorance and remain current. This is where it gets tricky, because as mentioned above, by whom or where you get the truth, it will vary greatly, and you may find yourself unsure. But with a sharp eye and a keen mind, you can find your truth, and proudly announce it at the watercooler.

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