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Beautiful English Garden Ideas To Transform Your Garden

Traditional English cottage gardens are set to be the second most popular garden design trend for 2022, showing a 272% increase in search volume, new Pinterest data has found. The classic combination of beautiful flowers, charming, intimate paths, and peaceful water features inherent to English garden design make it timeless and highly sought-after. By making a few changes to your garden, you can get this beautiful look in your own space.

 Create a garden path

A meandering garden path accompanied by low foliage draping the edges is traditional in English garden design. Creating a path with natural materials like gravel or reclaimed brick or stone will add a lovely touch, while also providing you with a handy walkway through your garden. However, even a path consisting simply of mown grass can add charm without giving you too much work.

 Include a water feature

A classic water feature is a must in English garden design. If you have a lot of land to work with, consider installing a traditional pond: they look beautiful and attract wildlife, too. Encasing your pond in reclaimed flagstones will further provide a quaint and rustic look. When it comes to other natural-looking water feature ideas for your garden, a rock waterfall is another stunning, timeless addition. By installing a cascading structure with at least two levels, you can add depth, complexity, and realism to your waterfall. If, however, you need a smaller water feature to fit in your space, fountains or ceramic bowls also look great and offer a romantic look. Shop for reclaimed water features made from authentic materials like ironwork or verdigris.

 Plant classic perennials

An English garden just isn’t complete without the right perennials to add colour, charm, and beauty. Perennials bloom throughout the spring and summer, die back in autumn and winter, and come back up again the next year. They’re fairly low-maintenance, although you do need to cut back faded stems to ensure continual growth. Hollyhocks, for example, are a classic cottage flower available in a variety of jewel colours. Since they can grow as tall as eight plus feet, hollyhocks make a stunning vertical accent in your garden, as well as conveniently hide the compost pile.

Timeless and romantic, English garden design will never go out of style. By creating a garden path, installing a water feature, and planting classic perennials, you can recreate this iconic look in your own garden.

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