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Peony Plants in Garden Landscape Design: Essential Tips

Peonies are perennial herbaceous plants that are famous for their variety of shapes, colours, bud diameters, and carved curly leaves. The diversity of species and varieties of the popular perennial allows gardeners to feel like artists: create compositions from peonies or complement already decorated corners of the garden with them, experimenting with colours.

Peculiarities of Peonies

Before you think about buying peony plants, you need to consider their individual characteristics:

  • Varieties of peonies differ in the height and size of the bush, the shape and diameter of the flowers, the timing of flowering and colours. That is why for harmonious use in landscape design, before buying, it is necessary to determine the ideal varieties specifically for your site.
  • Since peonies are generally considered dominant plants, it is crucial to select varieties that match in colour so as not to get some kind of colouristic dissonance.
  • Some types and varieties of peonies are distinguished by the sprawling shape of the bush and may require special props, especially during flowering.
  • Peonies are very fond of sufficient lighting and space — this is also worth considering before choosing a place in the garden.
  • By autumn, the peony foliage takes on red and crimson hues, adding more interesting notes to the landscape.
  • Peonies in the garden can grow in one area for several years, or even decades. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a place for the seedlings initially so as not to disturb the bushes in the future.

Location Selection

After figuring out the main distinguishing features of peonies, you can select a place for your beauties in the garden. What needs to be considered?

  1. The general style of the garden. So, if pastel shades predominate in your garden, then you need to choose peony varieties that are calmer or closer to your shades in the garden.
  2. It is also necessary to decide on the goals of planting peonies: will the composition cover up the shortcomings of the garden or, on the contrary, emphasize the merits.
  3. As we said earlier, peonies love space. You should not opt for cramped or shaded areas of the garden for planting these chic perennials.
  4. Analyze existing plantings and compare them with the timing of the flowering of peonies. So, if you have planted roses that bloom in the middle of summer, early varieties of peonies will complement the composition and become profitable neighbours for roses, ahead of them in flowering, and then creating a background for the buds.

Peony Plants in Garden Landscape Design Essential Tips

What Plants to Combine Peonies with?

There can be no clear answer to this question since everything depends on your imagination. Of course, it will look strange if you plant one peony bush, for instance, with a huge maple or oak. But several varieties planted in the same place will favourably frame the mighty trunk of a tall neighbour. In other respects, peonies combine perfectly with deciduous shrubs, roses, other flowering perennials: daylilies, astilbes and others. The main thing to remember is that the neighbours of peonies should also be photophilous and need more or less similar growing conditions.


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