Zelensky calls on G7 for air defenses after new Russian attack

Volodymyr Zelenskyy has called on G7 countries to accelerate the supply of air defense systems after a Russian missile barrage hit civilian and infrastructure targets across Ukraine.

The Ukrainian president’s plea was made during a video conference held by G7 leaders, including US President Joe Biden. Mr Zelensky told the group that Russia had “launched more than 100 cruise missiles and dozens of drones” over the past two days, many of which hit cities that had not been attacked in months. rice field.

“If Ukraine acquires a sufficiently modern and effective surface-to-air defense system, missile strikes, a key component of Russian terrorism, will cease to function,” he said.

A second Russian shootout appeared less violent than Monday’s nationwide bombing, killing dozens of Ukrainian civilians in several of Ukraine’s largest cities. The Ukrainian Air Force said on Tuesday that Russia launched 28 cruise missiles and dozens of kamikaze drones targeting critical infrastructure, 20 of which were destroyed by Ukrainian air defenses.

A government app that alerts residents when Russian missiles enter Ukraine’s airspace showed all 24 provinces in the country were on emergency alert.

Zaporizhia city in the southeast Ukraine 12 rockets hit early Tuesday morning, killing one person and damaging several homes, businesses and pipelines, said Kirilo Tymoshenko, deputy head of the Ukrainian president’s office.

Andriy Sadby, mayor of Lviv, western Ukraine’s largest city, said the strike had cut power supply for a second day. “There was a rocket attack on critical infrastructure in Lviv. Parts of the city are without electricity again,” he said in a post on his Telegram channel.

A kamikaze drone attacked a power plant in the Vinnitsa region, and Khmelnytsky in western Ukraine was hit by a drone, according to power company DTEK.

2 missiles shot down air defense In the Kyiv region, Governor Oleksiy Kleva wrote in Telegram.

Pictures posted on social media show people in Kyiv taking refuge in cellars and the capital’s cave-like metro system on the second day.

Ukrainian National Police Chief Ihor Klimenko said on state television that the latest reports confirmed that at least 19 people were killed and 108 injured in Monday’s barrage of missiles and drones. He added that 199 infrastructure at his site were damaged.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the strike was retaliation for attack A vital road and rail bridge linking Russian-occupied Crimea with mainland Russia was damaged on Saturday.

Monday’s attack on civilians was condemned as a war crime by several Western governments.

In his remarks at the G7, Zelensky did not mention Putin by name, but made it clear that he believed that as long as Putin was Russia’s leader, there would be no direct peace talks or agreements.

“Negotiations can be conducted with another head of Russia that adheres to the UN Charter, the basic principles of humanity and the territorial integrity of Ukraine, or with another structure,” Zelensky said. “One person is disturbing the peace – and this person is in Moscow.”

Zaporizhia has been suffering from constant bombardment in recent weeks. It was hit on Tuesday with a Russian S-300 surface-to-air missile adapted for use against ground targets, Ukraine’s state emergency service said.

Rescuers are searching for people trapped under the rubble and said repairs were being made to damaged infrastructure. Telegram shared a photo of first responders spewing out a giant flame that engulfed a commercial center.

“Most of the rockets landed on the island of Kortytsia, destroying buildings, breaking windows, damaging roofs . said Tymoshenko of

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