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According to police, American rapper Young Dolph was shot dead at a cookie shop in his hometown of Memphis.

A 36-year-old star, real name Adolf Roberton Thornton Jr., was shot Wednesday outside a Macheda cookie near Memphis International Airport in the United States. Tennessee..

Memphis police said there was no information about the possible shooting suspect, but the search was ongoing.

Memphis police officer investigates crime scene after shooting

TMZ reported that the vehicle was pulled up after Dorf entered the store, fired from the front window and collided with the wrapper.

He was in town on Monday to visit his aunt suffering from cancer, and was also handing out Thanksgiving turkey, his cousin Maleno Myers told the Daily Memphis newspaper.

“He was inside and someone wrapped around him and killed him,” Myers said.

TMZ also reported that his lawyer said Dorf was in town for his “annual Thanksgiving gift” and lived in Atlanta.

He planned to hand out turkey trucks to people in his old hometown on Wednesday afternoon-and planned to head to the event after visiting a cookie shop, the publication reported.

Who was Young Dolph?

Young Dolph was targeted in the past-survived two previous shots.

In September 2017, he was shot many times after a battle outside a hotel in Los Angeles. He was beaten in the arm and buttocks and was hospitalized for two weeks. A few months ago in February, his SUV was shot more than 100 times in Charlotte, North Carolina.

According to the commercial appeal, the February 2017 shooting was the inspiration for the 100-shot song, and the rapper later said he survived due to the bulletproof panel in his car.

Born July 27, 1985 in Chicago, Dorf moved to Memphis at the age of two. He has released numerous mixtapes, including several studio albums, including the 2008 Paper Route Campaign and the King of Memphis, which debuted in 2016. He also collaborated on other mixtapes and albums with fellow rap artists such as Key Glock, Megan Thee Stallion, TI, Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz.

The rapper made three albums reach the top 10 on the Billboard 200, with Rich Slave peaking in fourth place in 2020. His music included a story about life on the streets of Memphis, a drug dealer.

Videos from crime scenes circulating online show the presence of large police, with people recording the aftermath on their phones. You will also see the wrapper’s car parked outside the store.

Just last week, the cookie shop posted a video on Dorf’s Instagram promoting the shop’s cookies, saying he would visit whenever he was in Memphis.

Memphis police officer hugs rapper Young Dolph’s family after he was shot dead

Dorf was praised by many in the industry for his independent approach to the music business, like Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle, who was murdered in 2019.

His Paper Route Empire label maintained control over his material.

Since the news of his death, there have been compliments from people throughout the music industry.

Chance the Rapper tweeted. “God congratulates Dorf. A true independent Memphis rapper born in Chicago. Loved by millions of people.”

Gucci Mane posted: “RIP to my friend Dorf broke my heart.”

Singer Jack wrote: Young Dolph sleeping peacefully [sic] Smh Dawg “.

Record producer Omen also tweeted, “We are losing too many black men due to poor health, racism, prisons, etc. We must find a way to prevent them from increasing with our violence. Prayer to young people.” bottom. Dolphin family and friends. RIP. “

Young Dolph playing in Florida in 2019

Rapper talent agency APA said he was shocked and saddened to hear his death.

“The world has lost its icon, a great figure, and a beloved artist who was taken too early,” the agency said in a statement.

“His dedication, motivation, diligence, and loyalty to all around him will always come first, and he will be deeply missed.”

Young Dolph Killing: US Rapper, 36, Shots at Hometown Memphis Cookie Shop | Ent & Arts News

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