You are the product, but with an Apple twist

In the old days a minute ago, Apple would notice that when you use free services that mined your data to sell for profit, to have the product. But Apple’s new strategy means most of their users are also going into commodities, although they have encountered Apple.

I’m talking about it average revenue per user.

Beautiful Apple game

Playing a game so slick is that of the England Women’s Team (*See below), Apple has recognized that its hardware products are a platform with a unique audience. The characteristics of this audience allow the company to build engagement, customer loyalty, and growth, (important for a beleaguered giant multinational tasked with seeking continued growth in a global economy facing existential transformation).

In “interesting times,” growth is impossible unless you are building toward certain attributes, which Apple already enjoys. In a recent email shared with me, Julie AskForrester’s Vice President of Research and the principal analyst, mentioned some of these characteristics:

  • Apple’s customers tend to be more affluent than those on competing platforms. I am claims appear that the average US Android owner’s income is $69,647, and iPhone users $88,256.
  • Additionally, 35% of Apple iOS owners have a household income of over $100,000 per year. An iPhone user is three times more likely than an Android owner to have a total household income over $300,000 per year. (Note: This does not apply to Apple journalists, by the way.)
  • Only 18% of Apple users own Apple devices.

Add to this the company’s recent claim that its most recent quarter, customer satisfaction and loyalty reached an all-time high in all major product categories across all geographic segments. He also told us that nearly half of those who bought a Mac or iPad, and more than two-thirds of those who bought an Apple Watch, were new to those products.

What is the effect of all this?

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You are the product, but with an Apple twist

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