“You are losing human rights”: The use of the Mental Health Act has increased by 12%

“When you are under the department ქიMental health Take action, you not only lose your voice, you lose it too human rights “Also,” says Kelly Sarea, 47 Independent.

After suffering a mental health crisis in 2019, Kelly has been subjected to “trauma” Detention Under the Mental Health Act, under which he says he was “criminalized” for being ill.

Kelly’s story comes as a new analysis NHS The data showed that the number of detainees under the Mental Health Act increased by 12 per cent in December 2021, compared to the previous 12 months.

The major charity Mind, which conducted the analysis, called for the implementation of the promised reforms following the recommendations following a key review in the Mental Health Act 2019.

According to the analysis, the number of people under the Mental Health Act increased from 10,760 in December 2020 to 12,013 in December.

Conversation Independent Kelly, who has had several arrests under the Mental Health Act, described his latest experience in 2019 as “very traumatic.”

He said: “I had a very public accident where I live. I had neighbors on the emergency phone and, you know, I had a psychiatrist or social worker order and it would come into my possession. If people are so intruding on your privacy and you have a warrant on entry, it’s the same as criminalizing you because you are bad.

After admission, Kelly was later “fired too early” and then had to go through another formal department where he described the staff as “human management”.

“They were dragging me, six of them, you know, a boy was standing behind me and his pants were falling down, he was trying to catch up and then someone like that was next to me and on top of me. It was upstairs to see my breasts. Then they will just put you in a room and leave you there to calm down. ”

Charity Mind is calling for the promised reforms in the Mental Health Act, including the cessation of community treatment orders, forcing people to seek treatment living in the community as opposed to those in inpatient wards.

Analyzing the latest data from the Mind NHS, the number of people undergoing a public health warrant also rose to 2,111 in December, from 1,878 in December 2020.

However, overall CTO usage decreased slightly from 5,709 to 4,943 in 2020-21 compared to previous years.

Data released by the NHS of England show the use of Section 136 of the Mental Health Act, which police use for detainees, was 8 per cent higher than in the same period from July 2021 to September 2020. Section 136 compared to 2019 was 10 percent higher during this period.

Rheian Davies, Legal Director at Mental Health Charity Mind, said: “The recent alarming increase in arrests underscores the urgent need for fully funded mental health law reform to ensure that those who are experiencing a mental health crisis are at risk. Treat yourself to a safe and therapeutic environment. NHS data showed that by December 2020, nearly 5,000 people had been issued a Public Treatment Order (CTO).

“Structural racism is still limited to the Mental Health Act. Blacks and blacks are still more likely to be detained under the law, detained against their will, and are more likely to be re-admitted to a hospital without proper support. When someone experiences a mental health crisis, they may be suicidal, self-harming, or psychotic, and feel very frightened or sad. At the very least, their loved ones should expect to be protected, treated with dignity, and given the care they need with the services designed to protect them. ”

“You are losing human rights”: The use of the Mental Health Act has increased by 12%

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