WWDC: Apple’s call for code and the future without codes

When there are not enough developers to go around, what can a company like Apple do to try to solve the problem? Two things, really – investing in global education in coding skills, and making existing environments easier to use.

Apple will not have a future without codes

WWDC 2022, announced this week and scheduled for June 6-10, confirms ‘Code call,’ rather than codeless call. Apple will not have a code – free future, but it must continue to build developer environments to empower people without building much more complex app coding knowledge.

There are compelling economic reasons for doing so. With every venture digital enterprise nowthe demand for coded talent has increased exponentially (Demand doubled in 2021), so good developers order fees that small and medium – sized enterprises (SMBs) cannot afford. High-tech firms, including Apple, have the luxury of construction worldwide development hubs while seeking the best and brightest developers. SMBs do not have this advantage.

That lack of skills is driving many companies to look for other ways to complete projects. Apple reads the same surveys we do, so it will know Gartner research recently claiming that by 2025 70% of new applications developed by organizations will use low – code or non – code technologies. Mendix Survey who claimed that 77% of enterprises already use the low code where they can.

They do this to reduce the need for costly development teams, to accelerate companies’ response to change, and to accelerate application delivery. Codeless solutions are also cheaper to maintain.

The result? Good results, faster – and lower risk.

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WWDC: Apple’s call for code and the future without codes

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