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Workbounce raises $ 2.7 million from Index Ventures to create a co-pilot for the sales teams

  • Index Ventures leads a $ 2.7 million seed investment through its Origin of the index finance
  • Workbounce is a “Google meets Slack” product for sales teams: a research, collaboration and analytics platform that serves as a single point of access to all the data, documents and information that salespeople need to build relationships. success with customers
  • With asynchronous and distributed work on the rise, Workbounce answers the demand for tools that make communication and collaboration faster, more accurate and more “human”, radically improving the quality of customer journeys.
  • The company was founded in 2021 by Adam Smith and Rowan Bailey, Peakon’s first employees (acquired by Workday, $ 700 million)

London, March 9, 2022. Rebound – a research, collaboration and analytics platform for B2B sellers that enables them to improve and manage customer relationships – has raised $ 2.7 million in funding from Index Ventures and a group of leading angel investors. The success of Workbounce underscores the global demand for intelligent tools that can “humanize” digital interactions and respond to the changing dynamics of the 21st century workplace.

Workbounce was founded in early 2021 by Rowan Bailey and Adam Smith, among the first hires at employee feedback firm Peakon (acquired by Workday for $ 700 million in March 2021), where they built and expanded revenue teams. and experienced the challenges of large-scale selling first hand. Both founders began their careers in Sales and Account Management.

The sale of commercial products is increasingly complex and competitive. Sales teams are successful by understanding their customers’ challenges, answering their questions, and building trust in their product. The conclusion of an agreement with a client typically involves 6 to 10 decision makers on the client side, each of whom must be equipped with multiple sources of information.

Previously, salespeople kept their “edge” and built relationships with customers through regular face-to-face meetings. Located in a physical office, they might also turn to a colleague for specific advice or information a customer needed. However, with the increase in remote and distributed work, salespeople are under more pressure than ever to have the right answers and documents at their fingertips.

The need for a systematic solution is demonstrated by a 22-fold growth in investment in sales enablement tools over the past five years, from $ 21 million in 2017 to $ 477 million in 2021, according to data from Crunchbase. Software-as-a-service solutions also proliferated during this time. As a result, vital information now resides in more and more silos across the organization (Slack, Google Drive, Notion, and more), making it increasingly costly and time-consuming for sellers to find what they are. they are looking for.

Workbounce solves the problem by acting as a single point of access to all the different knowledge hubs used by the sales teams. The platform is an intelligent connective layer that unites silos of information, allowing reps to quickly find answers to customer questions and present material to customers in a simple and compelling way.

“The way businesses interact with their customers through their sales and customer service teams is changing, and it is driven both by rising customer expectations and changes in the way we work,” says Adam Smith, co- founder and CEO. “The next generation of B2B relationships will be about collaborating on solutions, not just selling products and services.”

Workbounce’s culture reflects the fact that its product is responding to the reality of the modern workplace, from its remote first facility to its flexible workweek and “anti-facetime” ethos, focused on results.

“Workbounce has the potential to become the go-to tool for accessing sales insight and improving B2B customer relationships,” says Index Ventures partner Hannah Seal. “As the workplace is changing, finding the right information at the right time is becoming more and more difficult. Workbounce solves this problem and helps sales teams interact with customers and close deals. We are thrilled with the dimension of the opportunity and impressed by the depth of Adam and Rowan’s personal experience in dealing with the problem. “

“Ask any representative who addresses customers what their biggest problems are and they will say they find the right information or documents, be a customer administrator and understand how engaged their customers are,” says Rowan Bailey, co-founder. and COO of Workbounce. “Our goal is to solve all of these challenges so that reps can focus on providing their customers with the best possible experience.”

Workbounce already has multiple paying customers and is piloting with many others. As it evolves, the team will offer more sophisticated features, including using AI-powered recommendations to inform salespeople which assets are most likely to convert leads to customers or deliver other successful results. The new funding will also allow Workbounce to create spaces for collaborative customers to improve the way knowledge is shared outside the supplier organization, freeing representatives to go further into other areas of relationship building.

“Ultimately, our goal is simple: to provide a better customer experience for our customers,” says Smith. “We do this by putting knowledge directly into the hands of reps and customers, while providing insights and analytics that help revenue leaders make better strategic decisions.”

About rebound

Workbounce is the insightful co-pilot for customer-facing teams. We connect siled tools, such as Google Drive, Notion and Slack, with a layer of intelligent research and analytics. No more digging across multiple platforms for content, collateral, conversations, or deals. Instead, sales reps and CX get the answers and information they need to win deals and impress customers, right at their fingertips.

Founded in 2021 by Adam Smith and Rowan Bailey, two first hires at Peakon (acquired by Workday, $ 700 million), Workbounce is on a mission to redefine how people work together. Workbounce is an asynchronous and remote company, supported by Index Ventures and leading angels including Harsh Sinha, CTO of Wise; Matthias Hilpert, investor of MH2 Capital; Simone Goodman, CFO of Forecast; and Kieran Flanagan, SVP Marketing at Hubspot.

Information on Index Ventures

Index Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in the next generation of entrepreneurs from seed to IPO. We partner with founders with bold dreams who challenge the status quo to build lasting businesses. With offices in San Francisco and London, we invest in entrepreneurs around the world. Companies backed by the generational index include Adyen, Datadog, Discord, Figma, Robinhood, and Roblox.

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Workbounce Secures £ 2 Million Seed Investment from Index Ventures – UK Technology Investment News

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