Woody Cook’s confused mother Zoe Ball said, “You can’t” when he came out as bisexual.

Celebrity goggles box star Woody Cook reveals a moving moment and her confusing reaction to her mother Zoe Ball as bisexual.

Son of a former couple Zoe Ball Fatboy “Norman Cook” Slim was publicly announced as bisexual in 2019, but previously explained his sexuality to his renowned parents.

Woody said attitude Magazine: “My mother said,” You can’t do that. You like women. “I said,” Well … yes, that’s bisexual. ”

“She said,” Before they knew they were gay, aren’t they just gay people? I don’t know bisexuals. “Some of our family friends probably Being bisexual, she pointed out that she hadn’t really thought about it before. “

In an extensive interview, Woody also counterattacked the troll, who named him “fake bisexual.”

Woody Cook wore a dress and attended the Attitude Award

An ambitious DJ based in Brighton said: bl *** y Trend! “

Woody, who has both ADHD and dyslexia, has launched his own record label in combination with the social media channel Truth Tribe.

He also regularly joins radio DJ moms on the couch, analyzing the latest TV shows on Celebrity Gogglebox and showing the intimate relationship of the pair.

But despite their close ties, Woody is clear about the fact that he needs to follow his path in the world-he said earlier. He is no longer receiving financial support From them.

Woody speaks at the Attitude Awards in October mirror: “My parents reveal that I was born into the privilege of having to move their ass to get them.

“My parents cut me off completely. They are like” Do you want to be a child of a trust fund or do you want to work? ” I want to work, so I’m self-sufficient now. There is no student loan. “

Woody’s parents got married in 1999, but divorced in 2016. The friendly exe is also the parents of 11-year-old daughter Nelly.

Woody Cook's confused mother Zoe Ball said, "You can't" when he came out as bisexual.

Source link Woody Cook's confused mother Zoe Ball said, "You can't" when he came out as bisexual.

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