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Women “raped and sold” in Hull are afraid to be “soothing as a liar” by police | British News

A young woman who says she was “raped and sold” in Hull has not been interviewed by police, despite a two-year investigation that drew attention to the grooming of gangsters in the area.

Kate (not her real name) claims to be the victim of a gang of sexual abusers in the city of East Yorkshire.

Police did not recognize her name when Sky News provided it with her permission, but other alleged victims of the incident said she was informed.

Her testimony could resume the stalled case after police failed to find sufficient evidence to support Hull’s other women’s allegations.

Some young women told Sky News that they were abused by men in Hull

Kate told Sky News: “I ended up in Hull because of an individual gang who was trafficking me for sexual exploitation.

“The place I remember most was the Hessul Forshore.

“I remember being behind the car. It was just raped and sold.”

Hessulforeshore is the place that other girls refer to as a place of abuse.

Kate also nominates some of the same individuals allegedly involved in the abuse mentioned by other alleged victims.

Kate says Hull was first trafficked around the age of 15, but that lasted for years.

It was after telling Sky News that two other victims who lived in the area were abused as teenagers, including one at the age of 13.

Sara Both Anna (not her real name) were at the heart of Operation Marksman, a two-year investigation by the Humberside Police.

Some young women told Sky News that they had been sexually abused by men in Hull
Suspects claim that there are still many grooming gangs

If Kate’s claim is true, it adds another dimension to the case and raises questions about the scale of the matter.

She says she was taken to several other cities as well.

“The only way I can explain that is with a different hub,” Kate told Sky News.

“That is, there are local groups in one area, but they are networked with other people in another area.

“So all they do is exchange girls-and you’re in that group at night, and then you’re back in your group-but now there’s people in common with all of them. bottom.”

Kate says she is still considering whether to talk to the police.

It is a personal risk for other women to come forward and they have provided additional evidence. Diaries, school accounts, Snapchat and photos support allegations of being threatened, beaten and strangled.

Some of them said they were threatened after talking to the police.

A threatening message posted on social media after the alleged victim contacted the police
A threatening message posted on social media after the alleged victim contacted the police

Humberside police said they had made multiple arrests, but after seizing 150 devices from the suspect, no sufficient evidence was found to support them.

Detective Inspector Morse Rebecca Dickinson told Sky News: And through external agencies.

“There was no evidence of a device we could file to seek prosecution in connection with sexual abuse. People were charged in connection with drug crimes and other incidental crimes, but sex against victims. It was not related to sexual abuse. “

However, DCI Dickinson acknowledged that some of the evidence may not be available as criminals may have multiple devices and allegedly used Snapchat to intimidate young women. rice field.

“With Snapchat, it’s instant, isn’t it? It’s there and it’s gone,” said a senior executive.

“If we can’t see it, we can’t prove it.”

Inspector Morse Rebecca Dickinson
Inspector Morse Rebecca Dickinson

She added: “As you know, it’s not easy to bring something to court.

“In fact, it’s more difficult for us when we don’t make that decision.

“So did we do all the research we could?” Yes. I’m sure we have. “

DCI Dickinson said he was “disappointed and upset by the girl” for not having the necessary evidence.

“They have experienced some horrific crimes and have put their trust in us,” she said.

“To convey that message. It was painful.”

“If another victim comes out before tomorrow, if we get another proof tomorrow, we will see it again.”

After initially proposing that operations Marksman not include trafficked people in Hull, Humberside police later announced that they would do so if they were abused by the same suspect in the same location.

Kate is distrustful of talking to police about sexual abuse in other areas, but Sky News has allowed Humberside Police to give her details.

Police end investigation of Hull's grooming gang
Police have completed an investigation into Hull’s grooming gang

She states: “Before talking to the police again, I think you need to be reassured that you’re not in a hurry as a liar, you’re crazy, and you’re a prostitute.

“I think they have a lot to do to regain their trust.

“There seems to be a problem with the evidence.

“I sometimes say’he said’on the phone or in the health checkup, but I think we need to convince them more that it’s the place where they failed, rather than their spirit of it.”

Psychologist Joe Wagstaff, who works with a well-maintained young woman, including one of Hull’s victims, said: Responsibility, guilt.

“I don’t think we can stop this unless we take these cases seriously.”

Sarah, Sky News, the first victim to be featured in the case, claims she still wants justice.

She states: “If I stand up in court, this is a million percent. If I tell my story to court, they will believe me.

“They will believe me because it’s not something you can just make up for.”

The biggest horror for the people of Hull is that if what the young woman says is true, it could still be happening-wherever Sky News takes us next. That’s why I keep following this story.

Women “raped and sold” in Hull are afraid to be “soothing as a liar” by police | British News

SourceWomen “raped and sold” in Hull are afraid to be “soothing as a liar” by police | British News

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