Woman forced to put up sign after golden retriever sits on her roof

Huckleberry the dog loves nothing more than sitting on the roof (Image: @Hucktheroofdog / Instagram)

Dogs often come across all sorts of nasty things when their owners are not looking.

Golden Retriever Huckleberry is no exception, and for some reason has begun to enjoy nothing more than chilling on its owner’s roof.

Huckleberry just enjoys the sight of his hometown of Austin, in the US – but of course some people worry when they find the dog in a seemingly dangerous position.

Sick of people constantly knocking on their door – albeit with good intentions – the Huckleberry owner has placed a sign outside her home explaining why he loves the place so much.

The sign reads: ‘Huckleberry comes up with his name and learns how to jump on our roof from the backyard. We never leave him in the backyard without someone at home. He will not jump unless you seduce him with food or a ball!

‘We appreciate your concern, but please do not knock on our door – we know he is there! But feel free to take pictures of him and share them with the world! ‘

Before installing the sign, the woman said she would have four to five people a week to warn her of the presence of Huckleberry.

People would say, ‘Do you understand that there is a dog on your roof?’

Many people are confused about why Huckleberry is on the roof (Image: @Hucktheroofdog / Instagram)
People would keep knocking on the door out of concern for the dog (Image: @Hucktheroofdog / Instagram)
The message from the homeowner to people walking along the house (Image: @Hucktheroofdog / Instagram)

Since the sign was posted, this number has been reduced to one or two a week who accidentally walk along the sign.

The photo of Huckleberry sitting on the roof was shared on Reddit and immediately many users had some burning questions about the golden retriever.

One person asked if she could hear Huckleberry on the roof, to which she replied, ‘Yes, it’s annoying, especially with a baby trying to sleep.

‘The worst thing is when someone starts swinging at him and he bulges towards the front of the house – I’m surprised all my shingles is still intact.’

Another person asked the question that everyone was thinking about – whether Huckleberry ever had a poop on the roof.

Huckleberry is often seen passing the world (Image: @Hucktheroofdog / Instagram)
Huckleberry may soon be connected to the roof by his new friend named Bluebell (Image: @Hucktheroofdog / Instagram)
There is no sign that he will stop his funny habit soon (Image: @Hucktheroofdog / Instagram)

She commented: ‘Now that you have said that … I have been wondering why my holes are hidden and there are no trees around them …’

Another person saw Huckleberry as he walked past the house and said, ‘He barks at joggers to get more attention than he should need.’

Huckleberry itself has its own Instagram page which documents his fun – such as his namesake novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, written by American writer Mark Twain.

Its owners have also recently adopted a new dog named Bluebell – who apparently already follows Huckleberry’s lead.

Sharing a photo of Bluebell on the roof, they wrote from Huckleberry’s perspective: ‘Introducing my new little sister … Bluebell. Named after my favorite Texas ice cream and from the same breeder I came from.

‘I’m still not sure what to think of her, but my family seems in love, so I think I will too.’

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Woman forced to put up sign after golden retriever sits on her roof

Source link Woman forced to put up sign after golden retriever sits on her roof

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