Wolf “Raul Jimenez” “Comfort” After Surgery on Fractured Skull | Wolverhampton Wanderers

Raul Jimenez underwent surgery for a skull fracture after being injured in a wolf victory at Arsenal on Sunday.

The striker received a long treatment on the pitch after a headache clash with David Lewis at Emirates Stadium before being taken to the hospital. “Raul is comfortable after having surgery at a hospital in London last night,” the wolf posted on his official website Monday morning with updates on Jimenez’s condition.

The wolf’s statement continued. “He has met his partner Daniela since then and is currently absent. He will remain under surveillance for several days while he begins to recover.
“The club is grateful for such assistance through the skills and early response of Arsenal medical staff, NHS paramedics, hospital staff and surgeons. The club is Raul and his. We want our families to be given a period of space and privacy before they are offered further updates. “

Headway, a brain injury association, is calling for the introduction of a concussion substitute into football after a head hit. David Lewis was allowed to continue playing after bandaging his head before being replaced in halftime. In a statement, Headway expressed “anger and disappointment at football’s failure to protect players from concussion,” stating that the idea lies with Jimenez and his family. But a major concern for Headway Deputy Chief Executive Officer Luke Griggs was his continued participation in the Lewis game.

Griggs said: “In soccer, players who have returned to the pitch after being evaluated for concussion often withdraw after a few minutes when it becomes clear that they are not suitable to continue. That is temporary in soccer. That’s why a concussion substitute is urgently needed. You can’t risk a head injury. A further blow to your head during a discussion can have serious consequences.

“The question is, if the concussion alternative rules had been implemented, would Lewis have been allowed to return to the stadium? That extra time in the treatment room was decided by another decision. Did it lead to that? The concussion protocol clearly states that “people suspected of having a concussion must be immediately removed from play,” but sports “sit if in doubt” for head injuries. We continue to promote our approach.

“I’ve seen this rhetoric over and over again not backed by action on the pitch. Something is wrong. I can’t continue this. How many warnings does football need? ? “

Arsenal claimed that Mikel Arteta followed all protocols, stating: David wanted to continue, but he wasn’t good at getting the ball in his head in half-time, so he decided to take him out. “

Wolf “Raul Jimenez” “Comfort” After Surgery on Fractured Skull | Wolverhampton Wanderers

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