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Winter Covid Regulations: Britain Beyond Covid Rules More Polarization | UK | News

Boris Johnson asked about his winter Covid plan

The government is concerned that the NHS will be overwhelmed by Covid patients, as the number of people hospitalized in Covid will be more than six times higher than in early September last year and the number of Covid deaths will be about 15 times higher. Scotland and Northern Ireland had to summon British troops and surgeons to assist NHS workers as Covid cases began to surge across Britain.


Boris announced on Tuesday: scheme.

“Sure, over 200 events are already voluntarily using Covid authentication. Eliminating this type of option altogether can make a difference whether your business stays up and running. It makes no sense when you have to face the fact. “

In a poll of 3,554 people from September 14th to 17th, 53% did not support the Covid vaccine passport, which was introduced as a legal requirement to enter large events and public spaces. Said.

Express reader, username Scorpio1956, said: “If you have to wear a mask to go to a store or restaurant, people leave and go elsewhere.”

Meanwhile, 39% of voters said they supported vaccine passports, and 8% were undecided about their position on the issue.

“We will leave the option of requiring face coverings as we do elsewhere or advising people to work from home,” he said.

If Boris enforces the Covid restriction again, he will face retaliation from the British. (Image: Getty)

However, the British are completely divided on whether face masks should be remandated, with 50% of voters saying they support the move and 50% not.

“If anyone wants to wear it to protect themselves, it should be a personal choice. Everyone has to wear it, so don’t buy it for a minute,” said one voter, Phalanx. ..

Another voter, username Kingdevonian, commented: You will never wear a mask again to do your daily work. “

However, other Express readers have blamed anti-maskers. I hate it, “said reader Birdmaniw.

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At a national press conference, Boris Johnson approved a vaccination effort to protect children from Covid and its negative effects on school education.

He states: “We are confident in the vaccines that have made such a difference in our lives and are now stepping up our efforts to provide jabs to children aged 12 to 15 years. Children’s own health. , Happiness, and gave that advice based on educational prospects. “

Despite protests against vaccination of children in London, data collected from Express.co.uk polls suggest that the British trust the Prime Minister’s guidance.

Of the voters, 47.4% said they agreed to vaccination at the age of 12, while 41.3% said they didn’t, and a significant portion of the vote (11.3%) said they were uncertain. rice field. Whether they agree.

Laurence Fox, the leader of the reclamation party, tweeted about Johnson’s announcement: So please do your best. “

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In some nursing homes and other nursing homes, workers are required to receive the Covid vaccine and employees have been dismissed for refusal.

A majority of Express readers (61%) said they supported requiring frontline NHS and social welfare workers to be vaccinated, with 36% of voters opposed this idea.

In his announcement, the Prime Minister confirmed that the government was “promoting a booster program.” This program immunizes vulnerable people in their 50s and above during the winter.

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Winter Covid Regulations: Britain Beyond Covid Rules More Polarization | UK | News

SourceWinter Covid Regulations: Britain Beyond Covid Rules More Polarization | UK | News

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