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Winners of OPSS Regulatory Excellence Awards 2021 announced

The Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) Regulatory Excellence Awards, held online this year, attracted the largest audience ever with more than 250 attendees, including representatives of regulatory experts in corporate organizations and the public sector. It was.

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and Minister of London Paul Scully made the opening remarks.

He states: “Thanks to all the organizations that participated in this year’s Regulatory Excellence Awards and the cooperation and partnerships involved in the Office for Product Safety and Standards. This year we celebrate good regulatory practices in supporting our business and protecting consumers. Is especially important. “

There were five award categories: Coronavirus, Better Business for All, Primary Authority, Innovation and Technical, and Product Safety.


Winners have demonstrated good regulatory practices in response to pandemics. This can help keep people safe while the company is trading, help the company to comply with new regulations, and help recovery by helping them reopen. Included.

Winner: Oxfordshire Coronavirus Regulatory Partner

Oxfordshire Regulatory Partners quickly realized that the coronavirus challenge was best resolved jointly and developed a regulatory network with public health partners. It cleared barriers to collaboration, built on local knowledge and expertise, and used government funding to increase coverage and impact regulatory excellence. They shared their engagement and learning outcomes and partnered with national advisors and coordinators.

Watch a video of Oxfordshire Coronavirus Regulatory Partners

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Primary Authority Supermarket Health and Safety Covid Expert Panel

Director of Public Protection, Wales

Chorley and South Rible Council

Environmental Health and Trade Standards Covid19 Expert Officer Group – ETC19


Litchfield District Council and Central England Cooperative

Better business for everyone

Winners provided excellent regulatory support at the local level.

Winner: A better business center in the Southwest for everyone

At the heart of the Southwest Better Business for All, partners from local government economic development, trading standards, environmental hygiene teams, and business professionals have come together. They created and delivered guides and webins for the business community and acted as an all-one-stop shop for EU migration.

See a better business center in the Southwest in all videos

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Better business in Cambria for all groups


Sussex Better Business for Everyone – Charcuterie

Primary institution

Winners have shown extraordinary results by using key authority partnerships to make corporate regulation work.

Winners: Wakefield Metropolitan District Council & EC4 Hotel

The effects of the coronavirus have a significant impact on the revenues of the hospitality sector and its suppliers. EC4 Hotel Limited and its PA, the Wakefield Council, have taken steps to mitigate this.

  • A new delivery concept that seizes the opportunity to use less productive time and empty rooms.

  • We will cooperate with the procedure to provide COVID with safe accommodation and facilities to support carriers drivers who have been tested positive for COVID after immunochromatography.

  • Specifically, access self-quarantine or confirmatory PCR tests for drivers who do not reside in the United Kingdom.

  • It supports infected drivers and keeps the community safe from the COVID epidemic.

Watch a video of the Wakefield Metropolitan District Council and the EC4 Hotel

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Fire rescue services on Hampshire and Isle of Wight in partnership with NatWest Group


A major partnership of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association with the Greater Manchester Regulatory Center of Excellence and the Salford City Council, which represents the shared regulatory services of Bridgend, Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan.

Innovation and technology

Winners have developed innovative or technical solutions that help protect consumers and support their businesses.

Winners: Glint Media Ltd t / a Menu Guide and Milton Keynes Council

Menu guides provide innovative technical solutions for managing allergens. This new tool helps food companies create, edit and share interactive allergen menus online 24/7 via a scanable QR code or a short link on their website.

The menu guide saves time, supports staff training, reduces errors and minimizes risk by providing a single digital reference point for allergen information. It’s a cost-effective way to meet legal requirements, keep your customers safe, and secure your repeat business.

See the Glint Media Ltd t / a menu guide and the Milton Keynes Council video.

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Elmbridge Borough Council Food Team (Environmental Health)


Bartosz Machelski – SSE / OVE Paul Brison – British Gas Callum Sheen – E.ON John Barden – EDF Dave Wright – Npower

Product safety

All the winners contributed significantly to the safety of the product.

Winners: Cosmetics, Toiletries, Perfume Association

The Cosmetics, Toiletries and Perfumes Association is a UK trade association for the cosmetics and personal care industry and has been working to prepare the industry for the impact of Brexit since the results of the referendum. When the UK moved towards leaving the EU, much of 2020 focused on ensuring consumer safety, with the UK regulatory framework for cosmetics being risk-based and science-led.

Watch videos from the Cosmetics, Toiletries and Perfumes Association

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Electrical safety first


Hillindon Trading Standards

Outstanding contribution to the community

FareShare and Royal Observatory Greenwich

The major authoritative partnership between FareShare and the Royal Observatory Greenwich has been awarded an additional special award for outstanding contributions to the community.

FareShare is a national network of philanthropic food redistribution companies in the United Kingdom, working with over 11,000 philanthropic and community groups. During the coronavirus period, Fareshare was supported by a partnership of major institutions to significantly expand and change its business to meet the growing needs for products from the philanthropic sector.

Watch a video of FareShare and the Royal Observatory Greenwich

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Winners of OPSS Regulatory Excellence Awards 2021 announced

SourceWinners of OPSS Regulatory Excellence Awards 2021 announced

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