Windows 11 adoption seems to be stagnant

Windows 11 adoption rates appear to have tapered to a trickle, according to recent data from PC monitoring software provider AdDuplex and Others.

Adopted for Windows 11, Microsoft released in October 2021“Overall usage” reached 19.4% last month, an increase of more than 10% since the beginning of last year. December 2021. The Windows 11 Insider build has an additional 0.6% of users, according to AdDuplex.

Throughout March, Microsoft’s latest OS only achieved a 0.1% increase in market share over other Windows editions, according to AdDuplex.

Windows 11 installation ratesAdDuplex

Data from AdDuplex show that Windows 11 adoption has been delayed.

In December, AdDuplex announced that Windows 11 was accepted almost 9% had been achieved; however, that number contrasted sharply with a figure released by Lansweeper at the time which showed the new platform with an adoption rate of less than 1%.

Microsoft has pushed to get users to upgrade to Windows 11, but the vast majority chose to stay on the previous edition.

Of the 80% using Windows 10, the two most recent updates, Windows 10 N21U (21H2), released in November 2021 (28.5%) and Windows 10 M21U (21H1), have the highest number of users. in March 2021, (26.5%).

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Windows 11 adoption seems to be stagnant

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