Wimbledon 2021: Coco Gauff doesn’t know how she feels when she returns

Coco Gauff I don’t know how I felt when I returned to the scene where I started my career two years ago next week.

Americans were the story of 2019 Wimbledon The championship when she reached the fourth round at the age of 15 before being beaten by final champion Simona Halep.

She became global news, with celebrities such as Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles engaging with her on social media, and tennis royalty Roger Federer and Serena Williams taking her under their wings.

Her career has been on the right track ever since, winning her first WTA tour title shortly after her recent appearance in the French Open quarterfinals and sitting comfortably in the top 25 of the world. ..

She returns to England to play at the Wimbledon Warm-up Tournament in Eastbourne, looking back on the changes in her life two years ago.

“Yes, that’s true,” she said. “Definitely a good person.”

“It’s a long time ago. I don’t feel like yesterday. It feels a long time ago – and it was almost two years ago.

“It’s just crazy. I don’t know how I felt when I first came back. I know I’ll be happy.

“People may expect me to feel the pressure to get into it, but I don’t really feel the pressure to get into it. I’m just going to have fun and enjoy it.

“I don’t want to force myself to compare this year’s results with the previous one.

“I want to do better than when I first went, but that was the beginning of everything. I am grateful for that experience, and it definitely helped me as a player and as a person.

“I think I didn’t really have a flashback about Wimbledon yet, so maybe that’s what happens when I get to the ground.”

Gauff, now 17 years old, hasn’t played a single match on the grass since her SW19 debut after last season’s swing was canceled due to a coronavirus.

She practiced on a hard court in southern France before arriving in Sussex and is excited to return to London.

“Wimbledon is arguably the most prestigious of the Grand Slams. They have all the rules about wearing white and only certain people are on the center court unless you are playing there. You can play, “she added.

“I thought it was very cool to think about playing an exclusive tournament, and the fact that I did it so young was really cool.

“I’m also proud to play on the two biggest courts of a tournament that many haven’t played yet.”

Wimbledon 2021: Coco Gauff doesn’t know how she feels when she returns

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