Will stop rising house prices? TiM podcast

Will the rise in interest rates and the sharp cost of living stop the housing price boom? This is a Money podcast

The pandemic boom in house prices caught almost everyone by surprise and continued to last longer than most expected, but will end soon.

Rising interest rates and sharp cost of living are putting serious pressure on how much buyers can borrow – meaning they can’t continue to pay ever-higher housing prices.

Meanwhile, there are stories that banks and construction companies have cooled down to some offers accepted by ambitious buyers, and lowered the value of real estate.

What is a downgrade? If the bank or building says, “Sorry, but this property is not worth what you agreed to pay.”

Combined this is with the fact that the best mortgage rates have more than doubled and you will finally be able to get a prescription as the real estate market runs out.

In a podcast this week, Georgie Frost and Simon Lambert discuss whether housing prices can once again withstand gravity.

Also on the show, should you sign up for a savings platform to manage your money in one place and hopefully get a raise?

Also, what should investors do when a delayed crash breaks into stock markets and lowers the price of many stocks, popular funds and trusts.

Finally, are you tired of unsubscribing to save money? We’re looking for ways to save your favorite shows and music, but cut costs.

Record high: despite the crisis in the cost of living and another rise in the base rate, property prices continue to rise


Will stop rising house prices? TiM podcast

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