Will Qatar’s First World Cup Be a Success?

The FIFA World Cup is among the most popular events in the world of sports. It isn’t much of a surprise, once we consider the fact that football is the world’s most popular sport, garnering an audience of over 3 billion worldwide. When it comes to a sport this popular it isn’t a shock to find out that one of the most important events within the game is as big as it is.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is quite possibly the most anticipated sporting event of 2022. With the event, a couple of glass ceilings have been broken. For one, it is the first FIFA World Cup held in Qatar. But, on top of that, it is the first World Cup in the history of the sport to ever be held in the Arab world. Naturally, fans of the sport from all over the world are excited for the matches, which will begin on 21 November and will last until 18 December 2022, which is the official Qatar National Day.

The Qualified Teams

Including the host team, which gets an automatic pass, 32 teams from all over the have qualified for the upcoming event. If we were to take a look at the qualified teams, we would see some of the usual suspects, which have managed to stay at the top of the World Cup for the past few years. Among them, Brazil is the number one, remaining as the first ranked team according to FIFA. If we were to take a look at online betting websites like 777 Betting, we would see that the Brazilian national team are always the top choice among long-time football-bettors.

Other successful teams that have made it to the World Cup this year include Belgium, Argentina, England, Spain, France, etc. All of the teams come from countries with a deep love and passion for the sport, leaving very little ambiguity as to the success of Qatar’s first World Cup.

Popularity of the World Cup 2022 Event

The 2022 World Cup is scheduled to take place in November. So far, the event is expected to be quite the success. The country has been preparing for the event for the past four years, even erecting some stadiums especially for the Cup. It is difficult to say whether the event will draw in a large crowd of live fans. However, if we were to look back at past events, we would notice that most of them have gone quite well for the host countries.

For those who can’t make it live, have no fear. The World Cup, as always, will be broadcast in dozens of countries around the world. This means that the hardcore fans who can’t be there to cheer their team on in person, can still tune in and send their best wishes from home. Of course, there are likely to be quite a few websites that will be streaming the event, so if you are really unable to watch it any other way, you can always find an official website and pay for a subscription.

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