Why you shouldn’t share Covid test photos online

People are urged not to post photos of Lateral flow A test that returns a negative result COVID-19 On social media criminal I’m using them to create fake paths.

Some venues in the UK, etc. Nightclub Before entering, provide the customer with a negative test or require them to prove their vaccination status.

Security experts are currently experiencing illegal transactions that allow scammers to use test details posted online to provide false negatives to others and lie to the venue. I’m warning you that.

They warn that anyone posting these images could inadvertently threaten public health measures.

Shahzad Ali, CEO of GetLicensed, said it is “unavoidable” that a fake Covid pass will appear as soon as the venue begins to seek proof of status as a security company that supports the business.

“We’ve seen fake documents for years. For example, fake IDs have been used regularly in nightclubs for years. This is immediately faced by door supervisors. It’s a new and complex problem that gets used to doing, “he said. Wales online..

He added: Taking care of your Covid pass is very important.

“Our advice is to avoid posting on social media. Don’t share the code from the horizontal flow you get, as others may register as a test.”

Ali also said that it is not only “very unethical and very dangerous” for people to create a Covid pass, but “a fine of £ 10,000 if caught” could be imposed. Said.

The fake Covid path is France, Authorities began investigating online networks to sell them back in December.

Authorities have identified thousands of fake Covid health paths used nationwide, Minister of Interior Gerald Dalmanin Said.

In the French media, the case of a Covid woman who died in a local hospital in Paris after presenting a fake vaccine certificate attracted attention.

Dermanin said about 400 investigations, including “connections with medical professionals,” were opened to forge fake paths.

Why you shouldn’t share Covid test photos online

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