Why was Ariana Grande accused of “fishing in Asia”?

Ariana Grande has come a long way since Nickelodeon was active as Cat Valentine.

Her career has risen, but in December 2021, a pop sensation arose after fans accused her of fishing in Asia.


Ariana Grande has been accused of fishing in AsiaCredit: instagram / ARIANA GRANDE

What is Asian Fishing?

Like black fishing, Asian fishing is when non-Asian people try to show themselves.

This action is often seen as fetishizing and sexualizing Asian culture, usually using make-up to add East Asian functionality or using photo editing to make it East Asian. It is done by letting it pass.

Another way people have tried this is to wear what many call stereotyped “Asian girl costumes”, such as anime girl costumes and Asian schoolgirl uniforms.

Asian fishing is often considered problematic and uncomfortable.

Why was Ariana Grande accused of “fishing in Asia”?

December 2021, Photo of Grande, 28, Started to be distributed on social media And while many praised the appearance of the star, others blamed her for Asian fishing.

“Am I the only one who feels uncomfortable with how Ali changed his face?” Asked on Reddit Regarding circular photography.

“… How she takes a picture from a certain angle (low), or how to make up by hiding the eyelids, creates the appearance of the eyelids, and her eyes look narrow, not round. Now that she’s so small, petite, this is the stereotype of an East Asian female, and again the fetishization of an East Asian female, not to mention her pretty obedient innocent “sex kitten” persona. .. “

Users who go with the username teddyccino recalled the 2019 event that Grande was also accused of black fishing, adding: Words, accents, the use of rap and hip-hop in her music, and of course her enthusiastic tan (she argued that Stan hangs on her Italian background lol) Recently she’s pretty pale Increasingly, the standard of beauty in East Asia again. “

At this time, Grande has not commented on the accusation.


Accusations come after her photo became a hot topic on social mediaCredit: Getty

What do fans say about the accusation?

After the photos started to become viral, many went to the comments section and Twitter, where they seemed to have mixed emotions. Some agreed to the accusation and others defended the star.

One user said, “I recently noticed this too. It seems that black people hate fishing too much and decided to switch to Asian fishing. No doubt, they are using make-up to shape Asian eyes. It seems. It’s annoying, but I don’t know why she can’t be herself. “

Another addition: “Coriana Grande needs to be stopped.”

Despite many agreeing to post, many fans endorsed Grande and defended her new look that fans saw during the episode of The Voice.

“Not only is this generation obsessed with cancel culture, but people are actively looking for something offensive,” one fan tweeted.

Another defended the 7-ring singer by adding: “People in this app are starting to think they don’t know what Asians and blacks look like.

Sun asked a Grande representative for comment, but did not respond before the release.

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Why was Ariana Grande accused of “fishing in Asia”?

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