Why Tim Cook cares about coding skills

Apple CEO Tim Cook has backed a major effort to convince state governors, the government and educators provide computer science classes for every student in every school. But the game is not just about philanthropy.

We can’t find the staff

Demand and supply. In theory, when demand increases, supply rises to meet it. Except it doesn’t always work that way and as the world becomes more digitizedthe need for coders is growing faster than the world can keep up.

The demand for coding skills is growing so fast that developers continue to explore ways to design configurable solutions built without code (no code – basically filling the gap that Apple Shortcuts are becoming).

They know they need to do this as the demand for coding talent continues to increase internationally. It’s a requirement that applies to all markets, from the US to Singapore and everywhere in between. By 2030, the world is estimated to be short of around 82.5 million coders – already, 87% of organizations struggle to find coding staff they claim.

But some industries, especially those related to data analytics, thrive on high demand and a fast growth curve while also being desperate to find enough staff. Given the growing importance of AI, there is already a skills shortage in data analytics consequential effects on many enterprises. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that by 2026, there will be a shortage of engineers in the US of more than 1.2 million.

All we’re saying is give your code a chance

That’s why more than 500 business, educational, and non-profit leaders have signed an appeal that “every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science.” signatories, including Cook (and many of Apple’s allies and competitors) that we need to invest in the next generation of coders.

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Why Tim Cook cares about coding skills

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