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Why the team got on the bright green front wheels at the Tour of Britain

Raising awareness can take many forms.For Global 6 Cycling, via the green front wheel for refugee action UK tour..

Global 6 Cycling is New Zealand’s UCI Continental Team, who recently participated in the Tour of Britain. They were founded by James Mitri, who has a background in England and New Zealand, one of their riders named after the unification of the six continents.

“It’s about giving people of all backgrounds an opportunity. I think many people are missing out on their goals and dreams because they aren’t seen, they aren’t given the opportunity to be seen, and so on. What we are trying to do here is to provide that opportunity. The name comes from six continents. Our philosophy is that we should not decide where to start and where to end. I help other people and get energy from seeing them grow.

Riders from Brazil, Poland, Norway and the Netherlands participate and the various languages ​​are spread throughout the team. soigneurs and staff also speak Spanish. Called “Radio Nico” because of his ability to speak a lot, Nicholas Sesrel can speak up to seven languages. Michael Parta adds that he also knows some words in Polish as a debate about how fluent Nico can actually speak, but Belgian, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and English are not meaningless feats.

Kol is a Maori word for spreading fern leaves. It is said to symbolize strength, peace and growth and can be found in Global 6 Cycling team kits and cars. It’s easy to see how much they are willing to grow with each other, even though they’ve been together for only nine months. They are open to the audience, posing in the photo and telling the moment Sesler accidentally hit a fan with a bidon the day before.

“Damn, I apologize to the man. It was supposed to be a gift! But that’s something he might not forget soon.”

There is a relaxing atmosphere flowing through the air. But things weren’t relaxing on the first day after a crash at the opening 10km knocked down the riders, broke the bikes and chased them back.

For this reason, they waited for the green front wheels to be announced until Stage 4 of the UK Tour (Queen Stage from Aberaeron to Great Orme in Llandudno). It would be unfortunate if people did not witness their actions, especially when their message was very important.

Global 6 Cycling boarded the Tour of Britain to support refugee behavior. After all, proper collaboration with a team whose motto is “where to start” should not determine where it ends. Charities are now celebrating their 40th anniversary and aim to welcome and support refugees and those seeking asylum in the United Kingdom. They want to help those fleeing the crisis in Vietnam, Bosnia and Syria, and those who are currently forced to flee Afghanistan.

Cycling does not exist in its own bubble, nor does it always know how powerful its impact is on the wider world. Once liberated on bicycles in Afghanistan, the Taliban are burning their cycling gear in the hope that they will not be found. Women are prohibited from participating in sports. Luck plays a big role in making things as easy as we ride a bike. We have not experienced the pain given to the people of Afghanistan, but in different circumstances we may. Keeping the world out and focusing on the pedaling people can be easy, but it’s not appealing to Global 6 Cycling.

Their riders are passionate about the cause. Before Stage 5 of Alderley Park, Sessler said cyclist,’The idea of ​​a green wheel is that people look at it and say, “Hey, what’s that? It’s something different.”

“It’s a support for refugee behavior, a company that supports refugees. It helps to integrate people here to lead a better life here in the UK. So bring joy and happiness to people and pay attention to the causes. Better than the great ones of cycling to turn.

Global 6 Cycling will donate a set of wheels used in the Tour of Britain to a charity for auction.

The team didn’t break away in Stage 5, but Parta was the last one busy to sprint to 7th place on the rainy streets of Warrington, mainly to save energy on the next more difficult stage. I navigated the kilometer.

“Our focus was on a safe finish. The last few kilometers were very dangerous and very slippery on the road. So we decided to see what it would be like in the end. Talked to James [Mitri].. We stayed in a good position, and I saw some possibilities in the end. Positioning was everything. I am very happy with the result and am very much looking forward to the next stage. “

Through his withdrawal efforts, Sesler finished second in the mountain award after Canyon dhb Sangod winner Jacob Scott in the conclusion of Sunday’s race at Aberdeen. A proper showcase of green tires for team talent and refugee behaviour.

Why the team got on the bright green front wheels at the Tour of Britain

SourceWhy the team got on the bright green front wheels at the Tour of Britain

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