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Why the consumption of heavy energy drinks may be harmful

London [UK], April 18 (ANI): In a journal BMJ case report, researchers warned that consumption of large amounts of energy drinks may be associated with heart failure, doctors regularly have four such After treating a 21-year-old who drank a can, he suggested so about two years a day.

The report adds to the growing public evidence and growing concern about the potential heart harm of these beverages, the authors say.

The young man in question arrived in the intensive care unit after experiencing four months of progressive shortness of breath during exercise, shortness of breath when lying down (orthopnea), and weight loss.

He drank an average of four 500ml cans of energy drinks daily. Each can contains 160 mg of caffeine and taurine (protein) and various other ingredients. He said he had been doing this for about two years.

He also remembered that he had had indigestion, tremors, and palpitations in the past and did not seek medical help. Three months before I was hospitalized, I was ill and lethargic, so I had to stop studying at university.

Blood tests, scans, and ECG readings revealed that he had both heart and kidney damage and was severe enough to be eligible for a dual organ transplant.

He may still need a kidney transplant, but due to an irrelevant condition, his heart symptoms and function improved significantly after a complete cut of medication and energy drinks. “But it is difficult to predict the clinical course of recovery or the likelihood of recurrence,” the author warns.

This is just one case report, but there are several other reviews and reviews that highlight growing concerns about the potential cardiovascular harm of energy drinks, the authors say.

Overstimulation of the sympathetic nervous system by caffeine may be a factor. Energy drinks are also known to raise blood pressure, and the authors state that they can cause abnormal heart rhythms, explaining the findings published so far.

“We need to provide clear warnings about the potential cardiovascular hazards of consuming large amounts of energy drinks,” they conclude.

“I think we need to be more aware of the effects of energy drinks and their content,” adds the subject of this case report. “I think they are very addictive and too accessible to young children.” (ANI)

Why the consumption of heavy energy drinks may be harmful

SourceWhy the consumption of heavy energy drinks may be harmful

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