Why Scotland Now Needs to Fund Long COVID Rehab

The world is 19 months on COVID-19, Over 4 million people have died.. Mortality is rising in many countries and there is an urgent need to supply the COVID-19 vaccine. Others, including the United Kingdom, benefit from high vaccination rates and reduced deaths.

However, just because there are few deaths does not mean that there are few cases.While in england Collective measures It was dumped to limit the spread of COVID-19, but the number of infections across the UK remains rise..

It is now clear that as the number of cases of COVID-19 increases, more people will experience varying degrees of symptoms after the initial infection. NS Recent research 38% of patients with COVID-19 were found to have at least one permanent symptom after 12 weeks-a condition known as Long COVID..

Long COVIDs are presented in many different ways.and Recent survey Among the COVID support groups, those who confirmed or suspected COVID-19 found that the most common symptoms after 6 months were fatigue, worsening of symptoms after little activity, and clear thinking difficulties. Said to be included. This is also known as “brain fog”.

Support for long COVID

Long COVIDs affect people’s daily lives.another Recent UK survey Respondents said it affected family life (71%), ability to work (80%), ability to care for families (39%), and their finances (36%).

Almost half of the respondents worked in a reduced amount of time, and 22% couldn’t work at all. as a result, People who live with a long COVID There is a growing demand for governments to provide appropriate assessments, rehabilitation and financial support to support recovery.

To date, the four UK governments have responded differently to this situation. In December 2020, the Westminster government in charge of health in the United Kingdom Launched the network Of a long, interdisciplinary COVID evaluation center. In June 2021, these were expanded and Children and adolescents..

In the same month, the Government of Northern Ireland Establishment of similar center, Welsh government announces £ 5m recovery plan including self-care App And new Referral route To help GP guide patients with long COVID through existing services.

In August 2020, the Scottish Government announced a high level COVID-19 Framework for recovery and rehabilitation.. But so far, it has provided financial support for the development of certain centers and strengthened existing care services and channels, as Wales did, as England and Northern Ireland did. not.

Instead, the Scottish Government recognizes that little is known about how to best value, treat, and rehabilitate people with long COVIDs. Funding 9 research projects A total of about 2.5m pounds.

Recently, even more Pound 19.6m of National Institute of Health (NIHR) funding has also been awarded to universities throughout the UK to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of long-term COVID.

Answers to recent questions briefingScotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, said people with long COVIDs need to attend a GP to showcase related services.Our own research Conducted earlier this year, NHS Health Commissions in all regions of Scotland have found that these long COVID patients are provided with rehabilitation services in a variety of ways.

But some Scottish COVID-19 Treatment route When Dedicated service Developed, but they are not universally available and are not supported by additional funding. As a result, many healthcare professionals and people with long COVIDs do not seem to know which services are available. Anecdotal evidence suggests that some Scottish health commissions have less than expected long-term COVID rehabilitation referrals.

What can i do?

The whole UK Guidelines For managing the long-term effects of COVID-19, we recommend that an interdisciplinary rehabilitation team assist people in their recovery.However, rehabilitation services have often been perceived as: Ignored and sometimes disjointed..

The long COVID has highlighted some of the limitations of these existing systems. NS Latest Scottish Government figures In Scotland, it is estimated that 46,000 (0.7% of the population) to 110,000 (1.9%) people experience long-term COVID. Even if only a small percentage of these people are referred to existing rehabilitation services that are currently funded, these services will soon be overwhelmed. Additional funding is needed to support the training needed to boost predictable demand and improve staff skills.

The jury is considering whether integration into a specialized clinic or existing service will prove to be most effective for those in need of long-term COVID rehabilitation.But as it was Discuss elsewhere: “In the face of a pandemic, searching for complete evidence may be a good policy enemy.”

In other words, in these situations it is best not to wait for the highest level of evidence of “what works” before intervening-some form of, especially for people with similar symptoms. Symptomatology such as long COVID where rehabilitation already exists. This approach is “Precautionary principle“. In these situations, research (which remains essential) and practice are best done hand in hand.

It’s time for Scotland to incorporate the precautionary principle into long-term COVID rehabilitation and act without clear evidence of what is best. The investment to scale up and publish long COVID rehabilitation integrated with existing professionals will allow people to receive the coveted help and support.

Researchers like us work closely with healthcare and social care services and work with people with long COVIDs to evaluate these different forms of rehabilitation as they become available. Suitable for. They will appear.

Author: Edward Duncan-Professor of Applied Health Research, University of Stirling | Jenny Preston-Honorary Associate Professor, Nursing, Midwifery and Related Medical Experts Research Unit, University of Stirling | Kay Cooper-Clinical Professor, University of Robert Gordon United Medical Professional

Why Scotland Now Needs to Fund Long COVID Rehab

SourceWhy Scotland Now Needs to Fund Long COVID Rehab

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