Why Paddy McGuinness completely opposed Christine joining Cheshire’s real housewife

Christine McGuinness It was a fan favorite during her four series on Cheshire’s real housewife.

However, in her new autobiography, Utsukushii Ayume, three mothers reveal that her husband, Paddy, was least happy to be on the ITVBe reality show in 2018. Her fascinating image and her “public profile.”

Discussing casting, she wrote:

“”Patrick I didn’t want to have a public profile. He didn’t particularly want me to attend this show. He thought it was all glamorous and charming, showing off your wealth far from my normal life.

“And I agree that it wasn’t entirely appropriate. I’m not living a fascinating life. I went to buy Chanel bags or went to a fashionable party that was popular with housewives. I don’t go every day. “

Paddy was not a fan of Christine attending the show

She was a guest housewife in four series

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Christine, who shares twins Leo and Penelope, and Felicity at ages 8 and 5, also had a hard time socializing, so she barely left home in her twenties, so filming a housewife is “ It was a chance to do something. ”

“It was the hometown of where I lived, and it was an opportunity to make friends and live some kind of social and work life that didn’t exist in my twenties,” the 33-year-old told readers.

“And most importantly, I was able to get it around my kids with just a few hours of shooting here and there.”

She was able to fit the shoot around the three kids

Her first autobiography is out now

And Christine, who left the cult reality show last year, lovingly talks about her time there.

“It was a lot of fun to attend the show and I enjoyed what I experienced, but that’s not my reality,” she explained.

When she finally opened about making the decision to leave the show, she said she wanted to be “very careful” and that Paddy “wanted” her so she wouldn’t quit the housewife.

“But when I finally left, I’m sure he was over the moon about it,” she added.

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Why Paddy McGuinness completely opposed Christine joining Cheshire's real housewife

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