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Why Millennials and Gen X Are Diversifying Their Crypto Portfolios

Hannah Parker

75% of investors in the Millennial and Generation X groups prefer to use alternative investment instruments like cryptocurrency as additional sources of capital.

Two-thirds of American investors, who range in age from 21 to 42, think it’s hard to generate above-average profits by sticking exclusively to conventional finances. They believe that cryptocurrencies are better tools for the job.

According to numerous past studies, younger generations are far more oriented toward the digital asset industry than older ones. Many young people said they would be pleased to receive some of their income in cryptocurrency rather than fiat currency at the height of the bull run in 2021.

Why Diversify Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio?

One of the fundamental investing principles is diversification, which considerably reduces the risk of a portfolio. You increase your chances of protecting your assets and making money by diversifying your cryptocurrency portfolio and regularly rebalancing your holdings.

By distributing your wealth, you reduce your risk of taking a severe financial hit if one of your assets doesn’t work out. This is particularly true for cryptocurrencies, a new and frequently volatile asset class that some financial consultants advise their clients to stay away from.

Allocating 80% of your investment to reliable but lower-reward assets and 20% to assets with a higher risk and high return potential will help you diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio. A reasonable 80/20 cryptocurrency portfolio allocation in 2022 might look like 40% less Bitcoin (BTC) and 30% for Ethereum (ETH), for example.

According to Bitsoft 360 official , a well-rounded cryptocurrency portfolio consists of assets from multiple market sectors, with a range of market capitalisation and various use cases.

Image by WorldSpectrum from Pixabay

Diversification a Key to Good Investments

According to polls conducted by Bank of America, 75% of US investors up to the age of 42 believe that alternative financial products like cryptocurrency, real estate, private equity, and commodities should have a place in their portfolios. They contend that investing exclusively in conventional equities and bonds cannot ensure future financial success.

Comparatively, only 32% of people over that age hold the same viewpoint, and only 5% have dispersed money to alternative investments like cryptocurrency. These people prefer to invest in equities.

The analysis also showed that 68% of the parents who participated in the survey had already educated their children on how to receive the family’s money. By 2045, Baby Boomers are anticipated to transfer $84 trillion to Millennials and Generation X.

According to Katy Knox, President of Bank of America’s Private Bank, “wealth planning is fundamentally multi-generational.”

​​“As we see among our client families, financial behaviours and values take shape early in life and live on in the legacies passed from generation to generation. These research findings point to a larger role wealth advisors and the financial services industry is playing in helping families transfer wealth and meet the needs of the next generation,” she added.

According to appearances, most people from older generations might not counsel their kids on working with cryptocurrency because they want to avoid the asset class.

However, when members of Generation X and Millennials talk to their children about future financial planning, the messages may be entirely different.

You may diversify your cryptocurrency or blockchain portfolio by including other coins, sectors, and investments like real estate.

You can diversify by:


  • Coins
  • Asset types
  • Automobiles for investing

There are three benefits of diversifying your portfolio, these include:

  • Less price volatility: Investing in various sectors and asset classes can help keep the value of your portfolio stable overall, especially during times of market upheaval.
  • Possibility of rebalancing your cryptocurrency holdings: If one of your investments does very well, you can discover that your portfolio is too heavily weighted in one asset class or industry. Along with diversification, investors can rebalance their cryptocurrency portfolios.
  • Gaining knowledge about the cryptocurrency market: Increasing your knowledge of the many fascinating initiatives and investment opportunities available in the world of cryptocurrencies is possible by diversifying your portfolio.

Millennials and Cryptocurrency Love

According to a CNBC study from 2021, 47% of affluent Millennials had at least a quarter of their money invested in cryptocurrencies. However, 83% of older investors disapproved of cryptocurrency and refrained from doing so.

According to a different survey, Millennials are most interested in the asset class. 36% of those polled born between 1981 and 1996 stated they would prefer to get some of their work income in cryptocurrency when bitcoin was nearly at its all-time high in November. Since 50% of Generation Z wanted that choice, they were much more supportive.

The investment company Alto calculated last summer that 40% of American Millennials are holders of cryptocurrencies. A similar number of persons acknowledged holding stocks, while fewer claimed to have exposure to mutual funds.

Investors in cryptocurrencies might reduce the overall price volatility of their holdings by diversifying their portfolios. Depending on your investment approach, diversifying a bitcoin portfolio can have inevitable tax repercussions. The best-equipped investors to pursue a portfolio diversification strategy are those who do their research — to be wary of deploying assets in a way that suits your unique investing goals and risk tolerance.

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