Why meetings don’t work anymore

Meetings don’t work.

Or, at the very least, most team meetings are time-wasting, productivity-killing, creativity-stifling products of wishful or delusional thinking.

Before the pandemic and its mass movement to remote and hybrid work, meetings were already problematic.

We’ve all seen how meetings fail.

Most meetings in the office stem from a policy of holding regular – often weekly – staff “update” meetings. Or they are the result of procrastination. We can’t decide right now, so let’s schedule a meeting. Or some new initiative, problem or idea prompts action, and scheduling a meeting feels like action.

As soon as the meeting begins, eyes glaze over, and some meeting participants begin to mentally tune out the conversation while pretending to pay attention. (Others don’t even pretend; it’s becoming more normal or it is acceptable to stay glued to a laptop or phone screen during a meeting.

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Why meetings don’t work anymore

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