Why I was wrong about the deal with Manchester City, Chelsea, Romelu Lukaku, and the striker

It was really basic arithmetic. Just as 2 + 2 equals 4, an almost impregnable defense and prolific season 20-goal striker is the equivalent of a winning team.

Two Premier League clubs found themselves stuck in the first aspect of the equation last summer. Each had one of the best defenses in Europe, but at the other end there was a shortage of players to convert regularly. Both were intended to do something about it during the transfer window. I did one, I did, I tried the other, but I couldn’t.

If so, why is the team did not do it Are you away from the person who spent £ 97.5 million on the center forward sitting at the top of the table and achieved 10 points and 8 goals?

It’s a question that challenges your understanding of football and the pre-thought-out concepts for a successful team. This shows how, in theory, a simple game can actually get complicated. It investigates the modern role of the center forward and whether it plays a role at all.

But when teams that clear 10 points win the Premier League title and the window opens this summer, they’re even more complicated by the knowledge they’re going out and trying to buy No9 again.

Manchester city Don’t play with a recognized center forward and don’t sign in January, but there’s no mistake. They are still in one market.

Probably not if they signed in the summer of 2020. Romelu Lukaku..Lukaku’s abilities have long been valued among the city’s key decision makers, and in an interview last month. Sky italia, The Belgians revealed how close he was to moving to Etihad.

“When I was at Intel, at the end of the first year, I declined an offer from Manchester City. Chelsea FC“It’s this summer,” Lukaku said.

If Lukaku was a city player, it’s intuitive to suggest that Pep Guardiola’s team would have made the start of the season even more dominant and the title race would have ended earlier.

Guardiola has had to face countless questions about the striker’s tracking failure last summer since the start of the season. They all have subtext: if City has No9, they will win more goals. If Guardiola wants to counter that assumption, he can use a simple and devastating reply: look at Chelsea, look at Lukaku.

Guardiola is polite and can’t argue with it, but it’s compelling. At the end of last season, Chelsea was a European champion, but not because of a free score attack. Since being in charge of Thomas Tuchel, they have admitted a modest goal of 0.5 goals per game, but scored only 1.3. In other words, their defenses were the best on the continent, but their attacks were far less than Southampton’s.

The addition of players who scored 30 goals in all tournaments last season is aimed at fixing that, and on the surface it is. Chelsea suddenly scored more points-in fact, 2.1 goals per game this season-but Lukaku’s impact on that improvement is negligible. Not that he scored only eight goals himself, nor that he is still waiting for his first assist, but he has only started 15 out of 34 games and Chelsea has no him. It looked good in.

This is not the story of Lukaku as an individual, as Lukaku is arguably one of the best center forwards in Europe. It’s about the importance of signing players that fit into existing structures.

Main issues in Lukaku’s interview Sky italia Chelsea’s tactical setup wasn’t tailored to his game. Tuhel was confused by Lukaku’s claim that Chelsea coach chose to play another system, no To play another formation, “he responded indignantly. He must recognize that the Belgian role is different from what he played at Intel.

In Milan, Lukaku’s goal is a partnership with Lautaro Martinez, which comes as part of a more direct style of play that attracts opponents and attacks open spaces, primarily by running behind and through channels. it was done.

But in Tuhel’s many-owned system, Lukaku usually has greater responsibility to link play through possession, without a strike partner, sometimes as an old-fashioned targetman whose physique suggests that he should prosper. Had to have and play in the center. Is this making the most of his abilities?

Perhaps not so, and although the injury had an effect, Tuhel seemed to start only once in the league between the first week of October and Christmas and start to notice. That was the motivation for Lukaku’s interview and only further clouded Stamford Bridge’s position.

If he isn’t named in Etihad’s starting lineup, it’s clear that he has a lot to do to regain the manager’s favor.

Perhaps this will always happen. Perhaps a No9 like Lukaku isn’t very suitable for the type of ownership-oriented system played by Tuhel. Domination of a city without a center forward in a similar system under Guardiola would also seem to support it. Ironically, the city still wants a striker. Specifically, they want Erling Hout.

Haaland is astounding and can play on the off-shoulder of the last defender and run behind at a pace, but can also maintain play and act as a physical presence. If there is a weakness, it is his accumulation. It is relatively rare for Haaland to touch the ball in the center forward. As such, he is not a completely different player from Lukaku.

So could Citi experience similar problems next season? At some point before and after Christmas, can I brush up the Norwegians and pick up bones from Harland’s interview with TV2? Maybe Citi has proven to be a little more flexible in interpreting their central and offensive role, and when Guardiola arrives at Etihad, he can’t bet on finding the best for Harland.

The lesson learned from Chelsea’s signing of Lukaku, however, is that there is no guarantee. You cannot simply transfer 20 goals from Serie A or the Bundesliga to the Premier League. The signature must be suitable for the system you are playing. Buying a striker is not a simple matter of addition or subtraction.

Also, as City shows, there are times when it’s better to multiply by zero, that is, do nothing.

Why I was wrong about the deal with Manchester City, Chelsea, Romelu Lukaku, and the striker

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