Why Gaming Trends Are Great Trade Show Assets

Marketing is about innovation and creativity. Without either, it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd and attract new audiences. For years, trade shows have given brands excellent opportunities to generate leads and boost customer loyalty by showcasing their products and services, but even they need an excitement injection.

If you’re looking for one, you can stop searching because gaming trends like bingo have come to save the day. Gaming methods are gaining in popularity throughout the marketing world, especially within trade show strategies. These are the reasons they are hugely beneficial to both companies and customers.

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Bingo Attracts Attention

What’s the ideal trade show scenario? For almost every business, it’s the thought of throngs of interested people crowding around the stall to get a glimpse of the action. Of course, you need to pique the curiosity of passers-by first, and bingo can help you break the ice. The industry terms are excellent examples as they give you an excuse to interact with guests and engage.

Playing a game should make sure your stall has an element of enjoyment, especially if you pick phrases and nicknames that are familiar and understood by most people. There are tons of common references to bingo numbers to choose from, yet Legs Eleven and Unlucky for Some are ones which transcend the game, making your strategy relatable. A boost in foot traffic is inevitable once this happens, as is raised awareness of your brand.

You Can Offer Tiered Prizes

If there is one rule in marketing, it is that consumers love freebies. Free stuff is so powerful that it can change people’s perception of value and increase sales by 2000%. Therefore, it makes sense to give away prizes, yet you can’t hand items out without an excuse. Otherwise, consumers will wonder if there is a catch, and engagement will suffer.

Playing bingo, or any game for that matter is the ideal excuse to offer a selection of tiered prizes. After all, it’s universally-accepted that the winner and two runners-up should receive a bonus for their efforts. The more winnable prizes there are, the higher the likelihood of players as the extra prizes add value to the competition.

Bingo Links with Social Media

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Social media is the king of advertising as modern digital marketing methods can reach thousands of people at the click of a button. However, handing out business cards won’t be enough to stand out from the crowd, not when every trade show exhibitor is doing the same. The key is to get people to engage with your social media accounts on the spot. That way, they’ll drive the online conversation, and they’ll automatically follow your channels and subscribe.

Once this happens, you can advertise to everyone when they leave the trade show, too, enhancing the odds of conversions. Bingo is an effective tool because you can organize games for specific times, using Twitter, Instagram and Facebook hashtags to keep people informed of the details. Not only will it whip up attention online, but this tactic should maintain brand engagement throughout the trade show.

They might not appear ideal on the surface, but games such as bingo have big roles to play in marketing strategies. A trade show is one example, yet you can apply these attributes to a host of mediums.

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