Why does Gregory Porter wear a hat?

Gregory Porter is one of the biggest soul singers in the last decade and has won a Grammy Award to prove it.

But one thing you might have noticed about the musician is his pretty unique hat.


Gregory Porter always wears a hat when going out in publicCredit: Alamy

Why does Gregory Porter wear a hat?

In all his public places Gregory He is wearing his now famous hat to hide the scars he has on surgery.

Musicians call flat caps “security blankets” and “jazz hats”.

In an interview with Jazz Weekly, The interviewer asked: “What is a strange and wonderful hat?”

Gregory replied: “This has been my appearance for a while and will continue for a while as I have had surgery on my skin.

“People are now aware of me by it. That’s what it is.”

But he also told the BBC, “I want to know more about my heart and sound, not about my hat.”

What does Gregory say about his famous hat?

Talk to Independent Gregory describes his hat as follows:

“In the UK, they know me well, but they don’t give me a free pass. I’m completely checked and safe.

“There were one or two times when I was asked to sing to let them know that I was really me.

“When a uniformed person asks you to do something, you are conditioned to do it.”

What kind of hat does Gregory Porter wear?

Gregory wears a flat cap called the Kangor Summer Spitfire.

The hat has a modified strap that covers the ears and chin.

The cap covers his scars and allows him to fall more comfortably in public.

What else do you know about Gregory?

Gregory was born in Sacramento, California, November 4, 1971-It makes him 50.

He won the Grammy Award for Best Jazz Vocal Album in Liquid Spirit in 2014 and the Grammy Award for Take Me to the Alley in 2017.

Liquid Spirit was very successful on the jazz album and received Gold certification from the BPI. We have sold over 100,000 units in the UK.

He is described as “a thrilling jazz singer, a vibrant baritone with a gift of rustic sophistication and exhilaration.”

Why does Gregory Porter wear a hat?

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