Why did Tommy Fury get out of the fight for Jake Paul, and what is his injury?

Tommy Fury Withdrew from his attention-grabbing battle with Jake Paul He confirmed on December 18, after suffering from a bacterial chest infection and a rib fracture.

Former Love Island Star, brother of the heavyweight world champion Tyson FuryLater this month, Paul was scheduled to play YouTuber-turned Boxer Paul at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, but Paul is ready for a rematch with this month. Tyron Woodley, He won through a split decision over eight rounds in August.

The battle received great hype from both camps in the buildup. At a press conference last week, Fury did not show that he was injured.

Paul went to Instagram on Monday to check the news.

“It’s official, Tommy Fury is boxing’s biggest b ****,” Paul said in the video. “He withdrew from the fight, did Fury withdraw from the fight because of a’medical condition’that knew what was happening in the camp? !! “

Fury later confirmed his intention to change the nature of the condition and the schedule of the fight.

“I’m absolutely heartbroken that I was forced to withdraw from the fight with Jake Paul because of a bacterial chest infection and a broken rib,” he said.

“The beginning of my camp was incredibly advanced and I didn’t expect anything to get in the way from the victory on December 18th.

“I can’t express my disappointment right now. I sincerely hope that I can reschedule this fight in the new year. I want to make this fight more than anything else. Unfortunately, I’m focusing on recovery and further reschedules. The date. “

Fury was set up to put a fair amount of money in his pocket for a fight that ridiculed Paul’s missed chance.

“I couldn’t believe the news at first, but it still doesn’t look real,” he continued. “He groped for the biggest bag of his life, and now he’s watching at home. Instead of paying millions of dollars to fight me, he pays me $ 60.

“I fought with a broken nose, fought with illness, overcame it, this is boxing.”

Paul will instead face former MMA star Woodley in a rematch.

“It’s official, he was scared,” he added. “I think there was pressure on him. The story of s *** was on him, that’s bad news.

“Fortunately, when I called Tyron Woodley, he said,’Do you want to fight?’ And he said he would fight and rematch.

“If he can knock me out, I’m giving him an extra $ 500,000.”

Why did Tommy Fury get out of the fight for Jake Paul, and what is his injury?

Source link Why did Tommy Fury get out of the fight for Jake Paul, and what is his injury?

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