Why did Drake withdraw his Grammy nominations?

Canadian rapper Drake, 35, has won a total of four Grammy Awards in his career.

Drake has been nominated a total of 47 times First-class Grammy Awards For his music.


Drake withdrew his two Grammy nominations prior to the 2022 ceremonyCredits: Getty Images

Why did Drake withdraw his Grammy nominations?

Despite receiving a Grammy Award Drake withdrew Nominated for his two Grammy Awards for the 2022 Ceremony.

USA TODAY confirmed that the Recording Academy has responded to a request from Drake’s team to remove his nomination from voting in the final round of the Grammy Awards. “

I don’t know the exact reason Drake selection There is speculation about the lack of diversity in the Grammy Awards to withdraw his nomination.

Speculation comes from past Drake comments Music award ceremony, He used to call it “meaningless”.

What does Drake say about the Grammy Awards?

Canadian rappers Grammy Awards For some time he had disconnected the microphone during the acceptance speech.

During his speech for the plants of the gods at the 2019 ceremony Drake’s mic broke In the middle of acceptance.

“We do not play sports based on facts, but sports based on opinions,” Drake said. “If you are a hero in your hometown, if you have people singing your song word for word, you have already won.

“If you have a regular job of buying tickets to the show in the rain, in the snow, or with the hard earned money, you don’t need this here, I promise you You have already won, but – “he said before he was cut off.

Drake has previously won a total of four Grammy Awards with 47 nominations.


Drake has previously won a total of four Grammy Awards with 47 nominations.Credits: Getty Images

In 2019 he was nominated for 7 Grammy AwardsIn 2022, it decreased to four.

Withdrawal of Drake’s nomination is seemingly similar Grammy Weekend Boycott..

At the beginning of 2021, Weekend said it was boycotting the Music Awards show, despite making changes to the Grammy Awards. Voting process This year.

Following a weekend complaint about the Grammy Awards Drake, we talked about Instagram.

“We should stop being shocked every year by the disconnection between high-impact music and these awards, and accept that what was once the highest perception is no longer important to existing and subsequent artists. think. .

“It’s like relatives who keep expecting you to heal, but they can’t change their way,” Drake writes.

Drake made There is no official statement regarding his selection of the 2022 Grammy Awards.

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Why did Drake withdraw his Grammy nominations?

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