Why did Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis break up?

Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin were world-famous comedy duos for 10 years before the fuss split the two.

Their mutual friend Frank Sinatra surprised them with a reunion on stage 20 years after they disbanded.


Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were a comedy duo

Why did Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis break up?

Known as one of the most entertaining comedy duos in history, Dean and Jerry made their debut in 1946 and split just 10 years later.

The two made 16 films together and each succeeded.

Their work ethic was completely different between the two men, which eventually led to their death.

Jerry Lewis was a harder worker, but Dean Martin was known for enjoying his off-time and relaxation.

Many also regarded the comedy act of Jerry carrying a duo as one-sided.

Another reason people think the team has disbanded is their wives. Dean’s second wife, Jeanne, reportedly did not get along with Jerry. The same is true for Patty, the wife of Dean and Jerry.

Who was Dean Martin?

Born June 7, 1917, Dean Martin was a singer, actor and comedian.

Nicknamed King of Cool, Dean was considered one of the most popular entertainers of the 20th century.

Throughout his career, Dean has appeared in over 80 television shows and movies.

He started playing when he was a teenager and made a big break with Jerry Lewis in 1946.

Since 1965, Dean has hosted his own variety show, The Dean Martin Show. He was also the Roast Master of Dean Martin Celebrity Roast from 1974 to 1984.

In 1941, Martin married his first wife, Elizabeth “Betty” McDonald’s. They had four children, Craig, Claudia, Gale, and Diana.

From 1949 to 1973, Dean married Dorothy Jean “Jeanne” Beeger. The couple gave birth to three children together: Dean Paul, Rich, and Gina.

From 1973 to 1976 he was married to his third wife, Catherine Haun.

After years of smoking, Dean was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1993. He died of acute respiratory failure on Christmas day two years later.

The two stopped talking to each other for 20 years


The two stopped talking to each other for 20 yearsCredit: Alamy

Who was Jerry Lewis?

Born March 16, 1926, Jerry Lewis was a comedian, actor, filmmaker, singer, and humanitarian.

Jerry made his professional debut in 1946 alongside Dean Martin.

His solo career began in 1956, after the split of the comedy duo, and Jerry was to direct 13 of the 60 films he starred in.

He has hosted Jerry Lewis Telethon for many years and was the National Chairman of the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

After appearing on Saturday Night Live, Jerry appeared on the Jerry Lewis Show.

Jerry married Patty Palmer in 1944, and they had six children: Gary, Scott, Christopher, Anthony, Joseph, and Ronald.

The couple divorced in 1983, and Jerry remarried Sandra Pitonick in the same year.

Jerry Lewis is 91 years old and died in 2017 at his home in Las Vegas.

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Why did Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis break up?

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