Why did Christian Eriksen collapse?Expert opinion

Danish midfielder footage Christian Eriksen Collapsed on the pitch on Saturday and suffered chest compressions as a stunned fan CopenhagenIt was shocking to see Parken Stadium.

The player was said to be “awakening” and was taken to a stable hospital on Saturday night.

The cause of Eriksen’s collapse and his heart It seems to stop, but this isn’t the first time football has witnessed such a scene.

Many remember the collapse of Bolton Wanderers star Fabrice Muamba in 2012. Both men were at their physical peak with no hidden signs of danger.

So what can be triggered suddenly Cardiac arrest Young, healthy and healthy sports men and women.

Dr. Richard Till is a Cardiac Electrophysiology Consultant at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital Trust, which specializes in the electrical activity of the heart.

He said Independent What happened to Christian Eriksen is rare, and the fast CPR he received on the pitch may have helped save the player’s life.

He said sudden cardiac arrest is not the same as a heart attack caused by the underlying coronary heart disease. This is where fat deposits block the arteries to the heart, causing muscle death and stopping the heartbeat.

“In his case, it’s very unlikely that it’s the cause. More likely, he has a congenital condition that hasn’t been picked up before.”

He states that these other causes of sudden cardiac arrest may include a condition known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which can cause the heart muscle to thicken and make it difficult to pump blood. I did.

It is possible that Eriksen was infected with the virus and caused myocarditis and inflammation of the heart muscle.

Other causes of cardiac arrest may be related to electrical damage to the signals that trigger different parts of the heart to pump blood. This leads to abnormal rhythms that reduce blood flow from the heart to organs such as the brain and can disrupt people. One such condition known as Brugada Syndrome is a hereditary disorder, and another similarly hereditary condition known as Long QT Syndrome can affect the heartbeat.

Dr. Till said these are intermittent and can be overlooked in ECG heart traces and ultrasound scans, which are common health assessments for professional soccer players and other athletes.

He added: “The important thing is that chest compressions keep oxygen and blood flowing into the brain. I understand that Christian Eriksen received a very rapid CPR on the pitch. He was connected to a defibrillator. It should. The defibrillator checks the rhythm of the heart and, if necessary, shocks the heart back to normal rhythm. That’s what I understand.

“This is very unusual for professionals. For example, it’s common in amateur athletics and first-time marathoners, but it’s still rare.

“His youth and fitness may have helped his brain survive until he started CPR.”

He said rapid CPR is important, adding: This is actually a very common event of very rare things. It should not postpone the movement for everyone and encourage everyone to learn CPR. It’s a really life-saving skill. “

Why did Christian Eriksen collapse?Expert opinion

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