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Why Casino Royale is the Best Bond Movie

In the past, you would have been hard-pressed to find a person who didn’t know about James Bond. But these days, it seems like there are more people out there who can name all of Snow White’s dwarfs than the actors in the latest Bond movie. This is a shame because while some might call them old-fashioned or outdated, Bond movies have always been classics.

The plot revolves around the life of an International Spy. The charismatic protagonist travels around the world and fights dangerous villains. The movies are filmed in various locations, exotic islands, luxury resorts, etc. The Bond movie has to always top the previous when it comes to beautiful landscapes and amazing action scenes.

First Steps of James Bond

Let’s take a look at the origins of James Bond. The first James Bond book, Casino Royale, was written by Ian Fleming. The plot focuses on Bond becoming involved in an extortion plot by Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen), who is trying to bankrupt La Reserche for its stake in SMERSH. The villain possesses a list of NATO agents that has been stolen by American agent Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) posing as an arms dealer named “Mr. White”. Bond must defeat Le Chiffre in a high-stakes poker game at Casino Royale in Montenegro.

The Movies

The first full-length Casino Royale Movie was filmed in 1967 as a comedic parody and it varies from the novel in many ways. But in 2006, the 21st Bond movie came out and it was called Casino Royale as the original book. It followed the plot of the book quite closely, although it did take some liberties concerning its action sequences or adding new characters that weren’t necessarily mentioned in the original novel. Despite that, the 2006 Casino Royale, was described as a more “realistic” reboot, especially when it comes to the role of the eponymous character, which was portrayed by Daniel Craig.

Bond Girl

A Bond girl, sometimes known as a Bond woman or Bond lady, is typically an attractive woman with whom the protagonist of the James Bond series falls in love. Since most incarnations of James Bonds are male, it is usually the female characters that give them romantic interests. In 2006 Casino Royale, the leading lady was played by Eva Green. It was a perfect casting choice because the french actress perfectly captured the personality of Vesper Lynd.

Unfortunately, Casino Royale doesn’t have a happy ending for Vesper. Her faith is the most tragic of all of the bond girls which gives the movie a dismal undertone that adds a little bit to the earlier mentioned reality.

Where Was Casino Royale filmed?

As we all know, the magic of the cinema is to take us on a trip to all of the places the protagonists go. Casino Royale does just that, but several places shown in the movie aren’t real. Well, they are, but they are actually somewhere different. Those are the places where Casino Royale was filmed.


The movie opens with a scene in Madagascar, but in reality, it was filmed in New Providence in the Bahamas. Later, the “One and Only” hotel is rightfully said to be in the Bahamas; but it was a casino resort “The Ocean Club” in Paradise Island, Nassau.

Czech Republic

Casino Royale featured Montenegro as one of its main locations. The tiny country located between Serbia and Croatia is filled with beautiful landscapes and almost Mediterranean-style beaches that make it a truly unique destination.

In reality, the scenes were filmed in Czech Republic. Casino Royale is in reality The Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary and the old Kaiserbad Spa just across the street, which is a casino.

Other Czech Republic locations include, for example, the small village, where James Bond meets Mathis, which is called Loket.

The film’s climactic battle scene takes place on a frozen lake in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. These unique European settings and amazing landscapes make the movie not only intriguing, but also pleasurable, even if you aren’t a fan of action movies.


In the movie, agent 007 visits Italy, and this is the only place, which wasn’t filmed anywhere else (well, except the falling house). We can see Lake Como and Grand Canal which would be very hard to film anywhere else because those are extremely recognizable places.

Casino Royale 2006 is often said to be the best Bond movie that was ever filmed. Maybe it’s because of difficult dilemmas and dramatic scenes, which mirror those we make on a daily basis. In reality, we can only dream of the luxurious and mysterious life of an elite spy. But don’t worry, there are other ways to feel a little thrill in your life. You can try your luck at an online casino / kazino or place some sports bets / sporta likmes. One day you might win and visit all of these places!


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