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Why are Timo Werner and Romelu Lukaku Struggling at Chelsea?

In October of this year, Chelsea achieved an outstanding 4-0 victory over Malmö in what was one of the club’s most impressive on-pitch performances to date. It was, however, the successive injuries sustained by Timo Werner and Romelu Lukaku that captured the attention of football fans both in the stands and at home as Thomas Tuchel was forced to replace both players.

In the months since the explosive match, a growing number of football fans have wondered whether Timo Werner and Romelu Lukaku will continue to prove their worth or struggle to make an impact during future games.

The match in question 

It was during the first half of the highly anticipated match against Malmö on October 20 when Romelu Lukaku twisted his ankle and Timo Werner pulled a hamstring, leaving them not only injured but unable to participate in any upcoming matches. It meant that they had no choice but to watch on as Chelsea competed against Newcastle the following week, but their absence didn’t seem to have had too much of an impact on the final score with the London-based club triumphing over their opponents to lead with a 3-0 win.

In November, however, they were also noticeably absent from a game against Burnley that resulted in a respectable 1-1.

A triumphant return 

In the weeks following both players’ departure, it was announced that the injured strikers would not be returning until after the international break to give them ample time to rest and recover. It was the end of November, however, when Timo Werner finally made his long-awaited return to his usual training routine after missing out on five games just ahead of Chelsea’s clash against Leicester, where they managed to claim a 3-0 victory.

It has, however, yet to be confirmed when Romelu Lukaku will make his return as he continues to recover from his injury and has, as of yet, still to be approved to resume business as usual on the pitch. Fans will be eager to buy Chelsea tickets at SeatPick to see their talisman return to lead the line as the club attempt to regain ground on title rivals Liverpool and Manchester City.

An unfair assessment 

It may not have necessarily been the year both Timo Werner and Romelu Lukaku were expecting but to judge their performances at Chelsea when the vast majority of their time has been spent recovering from an injury seems to be an unfair assessment.

It will be 2022 when their true colours will truly shine on the pitch and both existing and new football fans will get to know them on a deeper level as they prove their worth and remind us why they have been chosen to join the coveted ranks at Chelsea.

If you are a Chelsea fan, you may have wondered why Timo Werner and Romelu Lukaku have been struggling lately. It is, however, too early to tell how they will perform in the coming months as they continue to recover from their injuries.

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