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Why Are Random Video Chat Applications Worth Using?

Video chat with random people. People are talking about it a little bit more. It’s all over the internet. They have different opinions about random video chat applications. In recent times, It’s more about wrong things than right.  As I said, people have different viewpoints and opinions. But many of us are just focusing on the wrong side of it. We are ignoring some impressive aspects and factors of it. Omegle, Emerald-chat, OmeTv, FaceFlow, Etc. Are ruling the random video chat, and each one of them has something unique and Interesting than others. “Every good thing has a bad side!”.

As the quote stands, well, we all are agreed somehow on it. But we are only focusing on the second half of it. What about the first half? The Good side half? Today I will explain the positives of the random video chat applications and platforms.  So, let’s understand it well!


These platforms have millions of monthly users. Omegle has over 60 million monthly users from all over the world. That’s the reason why it’s known as the king of random video chat applications. Its rival Coomeet has 10M monthly users. OmeTv, FaceFlow, Bazoocam, Emerald-chat have over 5 million monthly users. These numbers are Huge.  Omegle has an average of 30000+ live users every moment of the day (24 hours). Wow!! It means you will undoubtedly find someone for a chat.

These webs portals and applications are from all across the world. So, in short, you will get a chance to talk with people who are from another end of the world. You will talk, discuss, and gossiped with the stranger. Sounds Interesting, isn’t it?!


Well, we have just talked about how Huge an audience these platforms do have. If we combine all the users, then it will be over 150 million per month. That’s huge! As I said above, Omegle has 30000+ live users at any moment of the day (24 hours). What if we combine all of them?! That will be Tremendous!  So, let’s guess, you sitting in front of the computer for a chat on random video chat. At that time, nearly 100K people are live combine from all platforms.

Let’s say you are chatting on Omegle, and approximately 24K users are live. Let’s assume half of them are chatting. What about the rest? Each time you are going to chat, you will find a new person for a chat. Not the one you have just talked about. Well, if you realize that you are getting the same person again and again, then just platforms and go to another ;).

An extraordinary thing about these platforms is their randomness. You will find a new person to chat with every time! Make yourself comfortable and enjoy!


What do you prefer more? A feature-full website or website with fewer features? Well, it depends. But in terms of entertainment, a more feature-full website helps to attract and retain more and more users. These random video chat websites and applications are providing some of the most interesting features. Text-chat, video-chat, Chatrooms, Spy-questions mode, Moderated and Un-moderated chat modes, and much more.

Platforms like Coomeet claimed that they provide paid memberships to adult woman users which is why 56% of users on Coomeet are women. These portals also allow you to filter the search based on your preference like country, gender, Location, like-dislike, and much more. The more reliable the search filter, the more users you can attract.


Well, my aim to write this article is to explain Why are random video chat applications worth using. We are ignoring some of the positives of these platforms. Many people are spreading awareness about the bad behaviour and illegal content on these platforms. That’s needed and the most important thing for sure. We can’t deny that for sure. But let’s just not ignore the good side of it. Take care and enjoy!

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