Who was Jane McDonald’s partner Eddie Ross and how did he die? – Sun

Jane McDonald has released sad news that her fiancé Eddie Ross died at the age of 67.

Jane and Eddie He was a member of the searchers-started dating in 2008, more than 20 years after they first met.


Eddie was a member of the band The SearchersCredit: Alamy

Who was Jane McDonald’s partner Eddie Ross?

Eddie Rote Jane McDonald’s Partner and fiancée.

He was a former drummer of the band The Searchers in the 1960s.

They first dated a few months ago in 1980, when Jane was just 17 years old.

They reunited in 2008 and got engaged after Eddie’s suggestion on Christmas Eve that year.

The Searchers became famous for British Invasion in the 1960s, around the same time as the Beatles.

Eddie’s band had hits including sweets for my sweets and sugars and spices.

How did Eddie Rote die?

Jane announced that Eddie died after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

She said in a statement that he had been fighting the disease for the past few months.


Credit: Alamy

She writes: “It’s very sad to share the news that Jane’s beloved life partner, Ed, died on Friday, March 26th.
“He has been fighting lung cancer for the last few months. Thanks to all the help and support of the NHS staff and the wonderful team of Wakefield Hospice during this very difficult time.”

When did Jane McDonald and Eddie Rote meet?

Jane McDonald and Eddie first met in 1980, dated briefly, and eventually went on different paths.
Jane, then 18 years old, said she was the first to split because of Eddie’s then-lifestyle.

She states: “He was really rock and roll at the time. It’s still the case, but now he’s pretty calm.”

But in 2008, when Jane was in the same ITV studio filming Loose Women, the two met again by chance after he starred in Dis Morning.

Jane said: “He said,” I’m just divorced, if you want to talk to me, here’s my card. “
“I couldn’t wait. I got home from Loose Women. I couldn’t wait to talk to him because so many things happened.”

Who is Henrik Brixen?

Henrik Brixen is from Denmark.

He is the second husband and former manager of Jane McDonald.

They were married for four years from 1998 to 2002.

Jane’s first marriage was from 1986 to 1987 with a man called Paul.

Henrik and Jane met while filming the BBC documentary The Cruise.

Jane McDonald revealed that Henrik had divorced her, fearing that Henrik would hinder her success.

Who was Jane McDonald’s partner Eddie Ross and how did he die? – Sun

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