Who was Il Divo star Carlos Marín and what was his illness?

Il Divo singer Carlos Marín died at the age of 53 after falling ill in Covid and falling into a coma.

The Sad news confirmed In the group’s official Twitter account, the statement said: “It’s heartfelt to announce the death of our friend and partner Carlos Marín.”


Il Divo star Carlos died at age 53 in Covid

Who was Carlos Marin?

Carlos was a baritone in Spain and became internationally famous in 2003 when he joined the classical music quartet Il Divo.

Carlos released his first album at the age of eight, before gaining fame alongside Urs Bühler, David Miller and Sebastian Izanbad.

He was born in Germany, but grew up in Madrid after moving to the Spanish capital at the age of 12.

Carlos not only appeared in Spanish television contests, but also in musicals such as Les Miserables and Beauty and the Beast.

Carlos married French and Spanish singer Geraldine Celsedara Rosa, stage name Innocence, at Disneyland in 2006. They divorced three years later.

What kind of illness was Carlos Marin?

After getting sick with Covid Carlos, he was taken to Manchester Royal Hospital on December 8th. El Espanol He was in a serious condition, but reported that his organs were stable.

A few days later, Il Divo announced that it would postpone all performances to the band “illness” until 2022, but did not provide further details.

In a statement, they said: “Unfortunately, due to illness, the rest of Il Divo’s December 2021 UK tour has been postponed until December 2022.

“Il Divo deeply apologizes to our fans and looks forward to returning to the road in the New Year and seeing you for Christmas next year.”

On December 19, the group confirmed that Carlos had died and wrote:

“For 17 years, four of us have been together on this incredible journey of Il Divo, and we will miss our dear friends.

“We pray that his beautiful soul will sleep peacefully. With love-David, Sebastian, Urus.”

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When did Il Divo get together and be created by Simon Cowell?

Il Divo was compiled by Simon Cowell in December 2003. Music tycoons conducted an international survey of singers that lasted almost three years before final member David Miller signed the group.

They have sold 25 million records worldwide and are the only crossover classical music act to take the top spot in the United States after their third album, Ancora, became number one on the US Billboard 200.

The name of the band is translated from Italian as “star”.

He was hospitalized on December 8th


He was hospitalized on December 8th
He gained fame alongside Il Divo's bandmates in 2004


He gained fame alongside Il Divo’s bandmates in 2004
Il Divo star Carlos Marín died at a 53-year-old Covid in a Manchester hospital after falling into an artificial coma.

Who was Il Divo star Carlos Marín and what was his illness?

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