Who was Geri Halliwell’s brother Max and what was his cause of death?

GRIEF attacked Geri Halliwell’s family as the singer mourned the sudden death of her brother.

Max Harriwell was taken to Watford General Hospital after he collapsed at his home in Hertfordshire.


Max Harriwell died at the age of 54Credit: Getty

Who was Max Hariwell?

Although his sister is mainly known for her role Spice Girls‘Success story, Max is trying to be unobtrusive.

Known as a close support source for GeriMax, who took her to Paris when she suddenly left the girls band at the peak of her popularity, also worked for an eco-friendly technology company.

According to his profile above LinkedIn, Max worked part-time as Vice President of the Heat Pump Association.

He has also been the Communications Manager of Mitsubishi Electric Living Environmental Systems UK since September 2018.

Max received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nottingham and was enrolled from 1988 to 1991.

This was after receiving a Higher National Certificate from Hertfordshire University between 1986 and 1988.

What was the cause of Max Hariwell’s death?

Jeri remains devastated by the sudden death of her brother.

In a statement, a Hertfordshire police spokeswoman said, “Police to report concerns about the welfare of men in Berkhamsted’s residential area at 9:40 am on Wednesday, November 17th. I was called. “

Upon arrival, Max was found collapsed by East of England paramedics staff and police officers.

He was immediately taken to the hospital and stayed in the intensive care unit.

He died suddenly A week later, Tuesday, November 23, 2021, 54 years old.

“His death has been treated as unquestionable and will be referred to a coroner,” but the cause of death has not yet been clarified.

49-year-old Jeri Horner "Completely broken" By the sudden death of her brother


49-year-old Jeri Horner was “completely broken” by the sudden death of his brotherCredit: Getty

Did Max Harriwell get married?

Unfortunately, most of Max’s personal life is obscured and nothing is known about his love life.

He was known to be “incredibly close” to his sister Jeri.

The 49-year-old was “completely broken” on the news that her brother had died.

“This is the worst, catastrophic and tragic news, and Jeri is completely broken by it,” said a source close to the singer. Sun..

“From the moment I heard Max was taken to the hospital, it was a terribly traumatic time, and the worst result everyone near my family wanted might not be.”

“They are all gathered together, but she has little idea of ​​what she is saying or thinking now. She loved him dearly.”

Appeared in Piers Morgan’s Life Story In 2010, Max was lovingly talking about Jeri. “I think Jeri was terribly fond of her father, maybe because he turned her attention to her potential.”

“He obviously saw something early, so I would call her a little daddy girl.”

Their father, Lawrence, died in 1993 after having a heart attack.

Jeri’s brother Max Harriwell will appear with her in a 1999 documentary following her life after the Spice Girls.

Who was Geri Halliwell’s brother Max and what was his cause of death?

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