Who is the brass for singer Sophia Urista?

BRASSAGAINST frontwoman Sophia Urista has been the band’s lead singer for many years.

On Thursday, November 11, 2021, Sophia Urista made a headline after the incident at a concert where she stroked her fans.


Sophia Urista is an American singer-songwriterCredit: Getty Images

Who is the brass for singer Sophia Urista?

Born in 1985, Sophia Urista is from Detroit, Michigan.

She was a participant in The Voice in 2016 after being selected as a judge at the time. Miley Cyrus..

According to her The Voice biography, Sophia came from a conservative family and was a medical student before pursuing a musical career.

At the age of 21, she moved to New York Her name was only $ 700 and she started her life as a performer.

Sophia has been engaged to Peloton instructor Jess King since 2020. The singer suggested to his longtime girlfriend after the premiere of the music video for the song “Everything About You,” which he wrote about King.

The couple are reportedly focused on family planning, each hoping to eventually have a child.

What happened at the recent Brass Against Concert?

On Thursday, November 11, 2021, Sophia Urista peeed fans on stage at the Brass Against Concert.

At the time of the incident, the band was performing at the Welcome to Rockville Festival in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The video footage shared at the event allows viewers to see the male fans welcomed on stage. He lays down and what looks like a can is placed on his forehead.

Sophia unbuttoned her pants, crouched on the man’s face, and then urinates.

After standing up, the man spit out pee towards the audience.

Since then, the band has used social media to apologize, but many fans share post-incident disappointments.

In a statement issued through the social media platform, Brass Against wrote:

“We had a great time at Welcome to Rockville last night. Sophia was hooked. That’s not what our others expected and we won’t see it again at our show. Last night, Daytona. Thank you for bringing it. “

Sophia Urista recently peeed her fans during a live performance with her band Brass Against.


Sophia Urista recently peeed her fans during a live performance with her band Brass Against.Credits: YouTube / K Train 2787 Productions

What do fans say about this incident?

Many fans used social media to share their views on brass-against vocalist Sophia after she snooped on the fans during a live performance with the band.

Comments on Instagram posts in the band’s statement have been turned off, but fans are now commenting on other photos.

One commenter wrote:

“Is it a VIP experience to urinate to people now?”

While another person is adding:

“Where do you want to sign up for VIPEE?”

On Twitter, many people comment on the incident.

In response to a statement from Brass Against, one user wrote:

“She didn’t do anything wrong. It was metal like f ** k!”

Another user said:

“Man, @ sophiaurista is the Second Coming of GG Allin. I admire her. We desperately needed another controversial” rock “figure, regardless of political view. “

What is Brass Against?

Formed in 2017, Brass Against is a group of artists led by Brad Hammonds.

The band gathered to protest the political situation in the world. Known as the brass protest band, they have covered Rage Against the Machine, Tools and Audioslave.

On April 10, 2020, the band debuted their first original music with Sophia as lead vocalist.

“This EP shows our advance into our first writing after interpreting someone else’s song over the last two years,” said Hammons at the time.

Self-titled EPs include songs such as Pull The Trigger and Blood On The Other.

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Who is the brass for singer Sophia Urista?

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