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Who is Secretary Miyauchi?

The Queen appointed a new Secretary of State Miyauchi in early April and fulfilled his first major task of playing a role in Prince Phillip’s funeral.

But who is the newly elected Secretary of State Miyauchi? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Who is Secretary Miyauchi?

The· Queen Has appointed Sir Parker of Minsmia, the former chief of MI5, as the new Secretary of Miyauchi.

Andrew Parker, 59, was director of intelligence from 2013 to 2020 and initially joined in 1983.

He was responsible for leading the government’s response to the 2005 London terrorist attack.

The former spy chief visited MI5’s headquarters in February last year and welcomed His Majesty before retiring two months later.


Queen with Andrew Parker who visited MI5 headquarters in February 2020Credit: PA: Press Association

When did Sir Parker of Minsmia take up that position?

Baron Parker, officially known as Sir Parker of Minsmere, was officially welcomed by the Queen at a ceremony at Windsor Castle. This was the second public engagement made by the monarch after her husband’s death.

He took on the role of Secretary Miyauchi on April 1, after Earl Peel, who had been a post for 14 years, retired earlier this year.

The day before Baron Parker was officially welcomed by His Majesty, the Queen welcomed Earl Peel and the audience at Windsor and received a cane and insignia from Secretary Miyauchi.

What is the duty of the Lord Chamberlain’s Men?

Secretary Miyauchi is responsible for organizing the Queen’s ceremonies and public programs.

This includes garden parties, state visits, royal weddings, and parliamentary opening supervision.

Also in charge of Sir Parker of Minsmia Prince phillip Funeral at Windsor Castle on Saturday.

Secretary Miyauchi is the highest official in the royal family.

Royal expert Jenny Bond says the fact that Prince William and Prince Harry do not walk side by side at Prince Phillip’s funeral means that the brothers have a “really deep rift.”

Who is Secretary Miyauchi?

SourceWho is Secretary Miyauchi?

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