Who is Roy Keane’s wife Teresa Doyle?

Roy Keane has long been associated with his combat performance on the pitch and his candid nature from it.

However, the former Manchester United When Nottingham Forest The executor has previously provided fans with a glimpse into his family life, including 20 years of Teresa’s wife. That’s all you need to know.


Keane and his wife Teresa have been married for over 20 years

Who is Roy Keane’s wife Teresa Doyle?

Keen He rarely mentions his wife in public, but he has revealed their relationship in an interview with The Sunday Times in the early 2000s.

“I haven’t really mentioned her in public, but to be fair to her, she was a rock in my life. It’s just wonderful. She reads myself. I read me better than I do, “Kean said.

“I can’t say Teresa likes every part of the package. She knows I don’t have a halo overhead.

“In fact, that’s what she likes about me. She also knows that I’m not the most annoying person in the world.”

When did they meet?

The pair met in 1992 when the midfielder was playing for the forest under Brian Clough.

“I found a beautiful girl in a club in town. Her name was Teresa Doyle, but she left me blank,” Keane once revealed an encounter with a beauty born in Nottingham. bottom.

“She has a stable relationship and doesn’t seem to be impressed by the great soccer player Roy Keane at all. In fact, I think my reputation was Downer for a variety of reasons.

“Sometimes we came across each other around Nottingham. I knew some of her friends who told me that Teresa was a dentist’s assistant.

“In the end, after her relationship collapsed, she forgave and we went out together. I fell in love.”

They married at a private ceremony at the Church of Our Lady in Mayfield, Cork.

Do they have children?

Keane and Teresa have five children: Shannon, Chara, Aidan, Leah, and Aranna.

When Keane joined United, the family lived in Bowdon and then moved to a simulated Tudor mansion in Hale, Manchester.

In 2009, they moved to Suffolk’s historic market town of Woodbridge, approaching a new team he managed, Ipswich Town.

In 2015 they moved and put their homes for sale.

Keane with two kids after the 2002 Manchester United match


Keane with two kids after the 2002 Manchester United matchCredit: Reuters

Is she on social media?

Theresa is not considered to be on social media.

But in 2021, her husband Keane surprised the football world. Instagram pageSince then, he has uploaded pictures of his family-including his grandchildren.

However, the picture of his wife Teresa was particularly lacking.

Who is Roy Keane’s wife Teresa Doyle?

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