Who is Pat Benatar’s husband Neil Girard?

Rock’n’roll legend Pat Benatar married bandmate and guitarist Neil Girard in 1982, creating a long-lasting love story.

Benataru is best known for her hit, Heartbreaker and Love is a Battlefield, and won number one on the US Rock Tracks charts in Australia, the Netherlands, and in 1983.


Neil Girard married Pat Benatar in 1982Credit: Getty

What was Neil Girard’s role in the band?

Neil Giraldo from Cleveland, Ohio meets Pat BenatarWhen he joined the band as a guitarist in 1979, his real name was Patricia Mae Andrzejewski.

The pair worked together to produce 15 hits, reached the Top 40, won Grammy Awards four times in a row, and sold 36 million albums in a 40-year career.

When Girard and Benatal found each other, they realized it was a match played in heaven. “I was only looking for a great singer,” Giraldo said in an interview. CBS News..

“I wanted to find it, so I was able to write songs, produce songs, and make great records.”

Benatal said, “I didn’t want to be a solo artist. I wanted what Robert Plant and Jimmy Page had together, or Keith and Mick. I put it back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. I wanted it. “

When Girard proposed that Benatal hit a higher vocal range, they revolutionized her sound with her first hit, the Heartbreaker.

“… the moment we did that, I was.” That’s it. That’s it, “Girard said.

“I wasn’t looking back.”

Neil Girard and Pat Benatar became bandmates in 1979


Neil Girard and Pat Benatar became bandmates in 1979Credit: Getty

When did Pat Benatar and Neil Girard become items?

Tragically, when Benatar and Girard met, they were both fixed in another relationship.

Benatal was 26 at the time, married his high school lover Dennis Benatal, and 23-year-old Girard was dating actress Linda Blair.

In 1979, Benatar was divorced from her husband at the time when Girard confessed something to her during the tour.

He believed Blair was fooling him, and Benatal said Classic Rock & Culture Magazine At that moment, she thought, “You are mine.”

Where did they get married?

The beginning of their rest of their lives began in 1982 with a voluntary trip to Hawaii. They were visiting Maui for the solo debut of John Waite’s ignition, which was produced and mixed by Girard.

It was an impulsive decision as the couple had to drive around the island and persuade the two passers-by to accompany the ceremony as witnesses.

The honeymoon didn’t last long as Benataru was scheduled to return to Los Angeles for the 1982 Grammy Awards.

That night, she won her second Grammy Award for Best Female Vocal Performance for her song “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

Benatal and Giraldo were born in 1985 with their first child, Haley Giraldo. The 36-year-old now lives in Los Angeles with her husband Matt Williams.

Born in 1994, her second daughter, Hana Girard, pursued singing, acting and fashion in the footsteps of her parents.

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Who is Pat Benatar’s husband Neil Girard?

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