Who is Ora Jordan and how old is she? – Sun

OLA Jordan and her husband James Jordan have been regulars on reality shows for many years.

The couple is now stripping for charity ITV Strictly Full Monty..


Ora Jordan has become a familiar face on our screenCredit: Fame Flynet

Who is Ora Jordan?

Ora was born on September 30, 1982 in Legionowo, Poland, to Alexandra Labouska. And at the age of 12, she started her dance career.

In 1999 she won the Polish Open Dance Championship and finished 12th in the World Championship the following year.

Following that success, she moved from her hometown to England.

She got married Fellow dancer James Jordan In 2003, three years after recording the dance together at the 2000 Dutch Open.

The couple moved to Hong Kong, taught Latin American dance for a while, and then returned to the competitive boogie in 2005.

The following year, the duo finished second at the Blackpool Professional Rising Stars Latin Event in May and third at the British National Cyclocross in the same field in November of that year.

How long did Ora go to Strictly Come Dancing and why did she leave?

Ora First appeared in Strictly In the fourth season of the 2006 reality show she partnered with DJ Spoony.

The pair was removed from the show in the third week.

She continued to win the competition in the seventh season when she teamed up with journalist Chris Hollins.

Last year she was part of the show’s first couple when she teamed up with Olympic Iwan Thomas.

Following her exit, she announced that it was her last series and left the show sensationally, claiming it had been fixed.

 Both Ora and James quit strictly as controversial after a fallout with the boss.


Both Ora and James quit strictly as controversial after a fallout with the boss.Credits: Getty Images-WireImage

Does Ora have children? “

Ora shares a child with her husband James.

Their daughter was born in February 2020 after three years of in vitro fertilization fighting.

Sharing the Instagram of his new son, the couple wrote: “She is here and perfect.”

What other shows does Ora Jordan have?

The blonde bomb has been featured on many other television shows since she entered the public consciousness.

She starred in the celebrity version of Total Wipeout in 2009, and the following year she took part in the celebrity version of the bargain hunt, in strict judgment. Ren Goodman..

Ora starred in the All-Stars with her husband James in 2013 and won the contest. Also, in September 2015, both appeared in Through the Keyhole.

In 2014 she was supposed to attend a Channel 4 snow sports show Jump However, I fell and was injured during training.

In the fall she had to go to the ligaments of the knee and go under the knife to fix it.

Due to an injury she was out of the jump and was unable to participate in the 12th season of the Strictly Come Dancing Finale.

Polish dancers also set up a pulse race every time they took a famous shower in 2016 I am a celebrity

Who is Ora Jordan and how old is she? – Sun

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