Who is Lanville Singh’s Boyfriend Louis Church?

Good Morning Presenter Lanville Singh has a new man in her life.

Who is the Louis Church? Here’s what we know about the presenter’s new producer’s boyfriend:


Louis and Ranville have been dating for only a few months

Who is Lanville Singh’s Boyfriend Louis Church?

Louis Church (26 years old) Please come to dance strictly..

He has also worked on popular shows such as: Soccer aid And channel 4 Please come to eat with me.

Talk to the sun about their romance, Ranville I confirmed the relationship and shared that she was “really happy.”

Photo shared by Louis’ sister, Saskia Instagram Indicates that Ranville attended a wedding with his family, suggesting that a referral was made.

Ranville and Louis published their relationship when attended Capital Jingle Bell Ball At the O2 Arena in London.

Spectators shared news about how the couple kissed, hugged, and kissed at an event they attended with Ranville’s 10-year-old son Tushan.

What is the age difference between Lanville Singh and Louis Church?

With an age difference of 18 years, people close to the pair shared how they dated after a few months of dating, They are obviously in love.

One source told The Sun:

“They were obviously in crazy love and held hands almost all day. They have incredible chemistry.

“Ranville was happy to see Louis and Tushan together.

“They were like members of a really happy family. It’s great to see Ranville become very happy again.”


Louis shared a photo on Instagram showing him and Ranville’s name card at his aunt’s wedding.

How did they meet?

When they met, 44-year-old Ranville was a competitor with a dance pro. Giovanni Pernice, 31.

The romance of Ranville and Louis was real, even though fans believed that the dancing duos might be aiming at each other.

Ranvir was previously married to his ex-husband Ranjeet Singh Dehal for eight years.

They reportedly split up a few years ago and confirmed the news shortly before she appeared on Strictly.

Great for new couples!

Who is Lanville Singh’s Boyfriend Louis Church?

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