Who is Kevin Hart’s older brother?

The relationship between Robert Hart and his brother, world-renowned comedian Kevin Hart, was far from the smooth waters when they were growing up.

Kevin talked about his family’s relationship with Robert in the 2019 documentary Don’t F ** k This Up. Netflix..


Kevin Hart (left) and brother Robert Hart (right)Credits: Instagram @ robert40hart

Who is Kevin Hart’s older brother?

Kevin’s latest documentary detailing his life explains Robert, 50, as a nasty young brother.

Kevin explains how his brother associated himself with the gang and dealt with drugs on the streets.

One day, after he tried to rob the old woman, her mother, Nancy Hart, took Robert to court and asked for her release. Eventually he kept him away from his family.

After learning from his experience, Robert seems to have repaired his relationship with both his brother Kevin and his mother Nancy before his death in 2007.

He is now a sober and professional pool player. He has played in numerous tournaments and is sponsored by TC Bandages and Predator Cues.

Robert is currently spending a lot of time and energy on his family, and while his family’s girlfriend remains private, he is known to have a high school daughter.

What was Kevin’s childhood like?

According to Kevin’s documentary, his childhood with Robert was not easy.

Their father, Henry Witherspoon, spent most of his life fighting cocaine addiction while in and out of jail.

Growing up without his father’s appearance has hurt Robert’s actions.

Both boys were raised by their mother, Nancy, who allowed them to learn to be themselves.

Their distressed upbringing only promoted Robert’s interest in drugs and crime.

Kevin, on the other hand, used humor as a weapon to survive his life.

Kevin Hart and his brothers, Robert Hart, and his family


Kevin Hart and his brothers, Robert Hart, and his familyCredits: Instagram @ robert40hart

What is the current relationship between Kevin and his brother?

Kevin and his brother seem to be repairing the broken bond.

Robert often posts photos on social media for him and others Heart family, Including Kevin and his four children.

They were found to be celebrating a Christmas-like holiday together as a family.

Robert hype his brother’s career by taking every opportunity on social media to post photos that support the latest movies and shows.

Their relationship has prospered through the rough seas of the past.

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Who is Kevin Hart’s older brother?

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