Who is Kangolkid’s wife Tajiri Swindell?

Brooklyn-based group UTFO rapper Kangorkid died after the fight against colon cancer.

His wife, Tajiri Swindell, posted a homage to the late musician on her Instagram profile.


Kangorkid and Tajiris Windel share one child together

Who is Kangolkid’s wife Tajiri Swindell?

Little is known about Tajiri Swindell, wife of Kangol Kid.

It is unknown when they got married and how they got together.

They both have a child, a daughter named Amancia.

According to Tajiri’s LinkedIn profile, she is a prison officer in New York and has a Master of Science degree in 2020.

She regularly uploaded photos of Kangol and her children to her Instagram profile, where she also left a homage to her deceased.

“We’ve been together much more than most people in 100 years … you were perfect for me, even if I knew you love me, I’m me I love you for the rest of my life 🎉 “, a set of broken heart emojis she wrote together.

Kangorkid died December 18, 2021 55 years old.

He was previously married to a woman named Christine.

Who was Kangol Kid?

Born August 10, 1966, Kangol Kid’s real name is Shaun Shiller Fequiere.

At the age of 17, Kangol signed his first record deal. In the early 1980s, Kangol and his friends founded a breakdance and hip-hop group known as UTFO.

Their breakout single, Roxanne Roxanne, helped make the group stand out in 1984.

By 1988, UTFO had won the title of Best Lap Group at the Urban Music Awards, played on the Soul Train, and opened in Hall & Oats.

Kangol Kid has earned a nickname as a teenager in his neighborhood in Brooklyn. He often wore a Kangol brand hat. He eventually became the first hip-hop artist to endorse the product through this sponsorship.

After the end of UTFO, Kangol continued to write songs for other musicians and became the manager and producer of the rap group Whistle.

He toured high school, gave back to the community by teaching children about the music industry, and was honored by the American Cancer Society in 2012.

Kangolkid was a popular musician and break dancer


Kangolkid was a popular musician and break dancerCredits: Getty Images-Getty

What was the cause of death for Kangorkid?

It is unknown how long Kangol was fighting colon cancer, but he was hospitalized for several weeks before his death.

While he was in the hospital, many stars, including rapper Snoop Dogg and LL Cool J, visited him. Other stars included Anthony Anderson and Donny Osmond.

Since the news of his death was announced, tribute to the late rapper has been poured across social media.

Compliments from all over the world have been received in honor of Kangol Kid.

Rapper Ice-T twitter: “Wow … I’m waking up to this terrible news. I talked about the battle between Kangol and Kangol a few weeks ago. He was a close friend and a true hip-hop legend. Condolences to his family. Life is precious and fragile .. RIP # UTFO “

“KANGOLKID can write songs, arrange vocals, write songs, play keys, perform background vocals, rhyme, and if necessary, do choreography in addition to everything.” Said music journalist and writer Dart Adams.

“We have lost a pioneer, a pioneer, a change agent, and a true legend of music.”

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Who is Kangolkid’s wife Tajiri Swindell?

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